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One man cannot change the world alone.

I am not a man, I am a dragon, and I will not change this world, I will burn it to ashes - Draegor Targaryen telling his sister Daenerys that he'd rather burn Westeros than rule it

Draegor Targaryen is the second eldest son of Aerys II and Rhaella Targaryen, brother to Rhaegar, Viserys, and Daenerys Targaryen, and the current Lord of House Targaryen and Dragonstone.


Draegor has the notorious features of his Valyrian heritage, with dark lilac eyes and blonde-silver hair, though appearing more gold, what's more striking is that Draegor is a large man by both height and weight, towering at seven feet tall, with power filling his body, arms appearing as strong and huge as his legs, his wide and broad chest invites many weapons to leave its mark there, hence the many battle scars it has, as does his face and arms, however, his most distinguishing characteristic is his extremely furious expression, no one has ever seen Draegor smile or smirk, not even his family, but have always known him for his intimidating scowl and always-wrathful eyes.


Anger, hate, wrath, fury, rage, the only emotions Draegor knew and has shown it very well, most that know him fear him for this alone, hot-headed and fiery-tempered, no one has ever seen Draegor in a different emotion, some might even say he was born angry, when his scowl is not enough reason for others to be wary of him, he proves it with his brutality, for he is a bloodthirsty and savage warrior, capable of unleashing unimaginable chaos when provoked, he tends to roar in battle and charge ahead to slay his first, unconcerned of the risks, for he invites all manner of challenges that would test his strength and might, can be arrogant to the point of claiming that Westeros can unite against Draegor and he would defeat them by himself, calling himself a "dragon" and thinking of Westerosi as "puny and pitiful", only those who are Targaryen or simply have Valyrian appearance might gain a sample of his trust, his main motives were to show the world the fires of the dragon, meeting the world with a drawn sword and a seething fury, many have pondered whether the madness he gained was from his father Aerys the Mad King or his ancestor Maegor the Cruel, for he shares Maegor's love of battle and Aerys's desire to burn, as well as Maekar I's harsh judgment or perhaps all three, Barristan Selmy called him "the most dangerous Targaryen of all" and Westeros called him the Dreaded dragon.

Though vicious and ferocious, Draegor has a bit of Aegon's mercy to his enemies, if his enemy could prove to be useful and join him or they were too cowardly to die, furthermore, without showing it, Draegor cares for his family and those close to him and will have terrible vengeance on anyone who harms them, this is seen when he wreaked havoc on the Sons of the Harpy after their assassination attempt on Daenerys.


Season 1

Draegor was born on the year 275 AC to Rhaella Targaryen in secret at nighttime, due to her king's descent into madness and becoming unstable by the day, fearing for her son, she instructed one of her handmaidens, Celisse, to raise the child as her own, and leave her child with Rhaella, Celisse took Draegor, naming him Edgar, away with the help of her lover, the Kingsguard Oswell Whent, though was ambushed by bandits later, she went to find help while Oswell held off the attackers, coming to Donoros Irnaanis, a wealthy Tyroshi merchant who had two Braavosi swordsmen as guards, when the bandits were dealt with, Donoros offered Celisse to sail with him on his next voyage, thinking it would be best to be away from Westeros with Draegor, Celisse agreed and was on his ship the day after, this was a mistake for Donoros true intentions proved vile and was sailing to Meereen, revealed to be a slaver who invests his gold and slave's lives in the Fighting Pits, Celisse was kidnapped and forced to marry Donoros, giving him a son in the process named Hadwin, the years went on, Draegor, now Edgar, and Hadwin were fighters in the pits, Draegor grew to be very strong and mighty, becoming renowned in Meereen and in addition, making Donoros extremely wealthy, but the Tyroshi's greed was insatiable, for he wanted to claim the Disputed lands that Tyrosh, Lys, and Myr fought over for himself, inlisting the help of the most skilled and greatest sellswords in Essos, the Golden Company, which he also offered to Draegor and Hadwin to join, eventually becoming members of the company after doing battle with another merchant called Tregar Ormollen with his own sellsword army from Lys for the same goal and an old acquintance of Donoros, and a sellsword company called the Free Company hired by Myr, the battle ended with the Free Company fled the field and Tregar came to a partnership with Donoros, slowly conaquering the Disputed Lands until it was theirs, though that night, Draegor and Hadwin came to meet their closest allies in the smallest time, Aenys, Vhaneys, and Saenelys Blackfyre, all shared Draegor's valyrian appearance of purple eyes, pale white skin, and gold-silver hair, and so Draegor to question whether was he a Blackfyre himself or possibly a Targaryen, as Celisse never revealed his true ancestry, he also realized that Aenys was the holder of the Valyrian steel sword Blackfyre, the ancestral sword of his house,

Season 2

Tregar and Donoros held the Disputed Lands, which were now called "The Claimed Lands", many merchants from afar came to do sell and trade their wares, at the same time the Golden Company, with the aid of Tregar's sellswords, Company of the Rose led by Addie Tyrell, the Stormbreakers led by Gonzo Tully, and the Wolfpack led by Talon Snow, fought off every invasion of any merchant and sellsword company that tried to pry it away from them, Draegor and Hadwin became sergeants then after the Captain-General Harry Strickland witnessed their skill and abilities, one day, when Tregar invited Donoros and his "family" for a feast, he presented the hand of his daughter, Naerys, a very beautiful girl whom was sought by many but could not have, Valyrian as well due to the Blood of Old Valyria that runs strong in Lys and the Lysenne, Draegor however was not interested and refused, Tregar felt greatly insulted and planned to make Draegor pay with his life, his mistake however, was revealing it to his daughter Naerys, who unexpectedly passed the information to Draegor, and in the dark cover of the night, this proved true, for an assassin came to Draegor's tent to slay him in his sleep, a futile attempt, as he found his target to be a giant of man that was not so easy to kill, Donoros woke to the scene and Tregar appeared immediately after Draegor apprehended his assassinator, claiming to not know the man and requested he should be sent to him to hide the truth, and he was indeed sent to him, though a corpse made by Draegor, after all who witnessed this retunred to their pillows, Draegor exited his tent to find the girl who may have possibly saved his life, Naerys.

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