Dragen mini-shield
Dragen mini-shield
"Lucius: Any signs of Domeric?
Dragen soldier: No, my lord
Lucius: Find him now. I can't let that little brat run away."
―Lucius and a Dragen soldier
Domeric Dragen is a recurring character in the first, second, third, fourth and fifth seasons. He will not appear in the sixth season. Domeric is the youngest son of Garth Dragen and Alise Dragen and lives with his family in Snake Mount until Garth's death. After Garth Dragen was killed, Domeric escaped from Snake Mount with his sister, Mira in fear of Lucius.

After the banishment of his brother Lucius Dragen, the vassals of House Dragen urged for Domeric to become the de facto lord of Snake Mount instead of Ethan Dragen, as Domeric was still true-born and had a greater claim to the title, especially now that his older brother Erik was dead.

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