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"Dirron was insane and sadistic. He preferred torturing and murdering his subjects rather than taking care of them. To show his dominance over his people he forged a crown made from real human bones and coated it with gold. Just like most insane rulers, he was assassinated."
Trevyr Blackgard

Dirron Blackgard is an unseen character in Game of Thrones. He is long dead before the series begin and is not expected to appear. Dirron was the eldest son of Lord Myrion Blackgard and Lady Roanne Harrigon, and became the Lord of Ebonheart in his late fourties. Dirron was seen as one of the worst lords to have ever lived.



Dirron was the eldest son of Lord Myrion and Lady Roanne, and became the Lord of Ebonheart in his late 40's. A violent and short tempered individual from a young age, the whole of Blackgard feared him succeeded his father. His brother Boremund, would later take the name Droft and found House Droft. Dirron saw this as an act of defiance to Blackgard rule, threatening his brother that he would destroy his castle.

Dirron was assassinated in his late 50 or 60's, having only been Lord of Ebonheart for around 20 years. He was succeeded by his eldest surviving son Kennard.


Preceded by:
Myrion Blackgard
Lord of Ebonheart
80-90 - 100-110 AL
Succeeded by:
Kennard Blackgard