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"You kick me down, spit on me, insult and degrade me all you want, but you know what? None of that will stop me from rising above and achieving my desires and dreams. That's what a Dragon is- he who takes what he wants and does what he wants."
―Daemon Targaryen

Prince Daemon Targaryen, also known as The One-Eyed Demon, The One-Eyed Dragon, Daemon the One-Eye, Demon Prince, Demon Slayer, or Saito Hachiman Yorimitsu in Nippon, is the second son King Rhaegar Targaryen and his second wife, Queen Lyanna Stark of Winterfell, and younger brother to his twin Visenya Targaryen, Aegon Targaryen and Rhaenys Targaryen. Born hours after his twin sister Visenya. Daemon was born underneath a blood moon, an extremely rare occurrence which was considered to be an ill omen, with both Rhaegar and Lyanna taking it as a sign that Daemon will grow to be an ill member of Targaryen dynasty. At six years old, during a sparring match between him and Aegon, Daemon managed to defeat Aegon, but after he helped his brother up, Aegon, incensed by defeat and goaded by Oberyn Martell, grabbed a dagger and slashed at Daemon's face, damaging his right eye and severely injuring Daemon in the process.

Due to Maester Pycelle's incompetent, or rather, deliberate, treatment of the injury, Daemon would slip into a coma for a month, with his wounds infesting and ruining any hope of restoring his eye. After a month spent in a delirious and feverish state, Daemon was made to apologize to his older brother, who had pleaded that it was Daemon who had attacked first and that Aegon only defended himself. Daemon's own words fell on deaf ears, as almost nobody, including his own parents, didn't believe him, and so Daemon was forced to apologize. Once he was strong enough, Daemon was sent to squire for Ser Laenor Velaryon, a famous traveller, sailer and adventurer and uncle to Lord Monford Velaryon, to both distance Daemon from the Red Keep and from his family.

Daemon would squire for Ser Laenor Velaryon for two years, having travelled nearly all of the eastern seas and as far East as Yi Ti and Asshai, before Ser Laenor set off to sail past Asshai and through the Saffron Straits. The journey, would take a year and was a dangerous and perilous one, but the pair managed to make it to a mysterious new continent called Nippon, with Laenor, his crew and Daemon being the first to establish contact with them. After two months of resupplying, repairing their ship and gaining information about the land and it's customs, they set sail back, yet would be hit by a storm, with Daemon being washed ashore of Nippon and picked up by one of local Daimyo, Oda Nobunaga.

For the next 8 years, Daemon would serve as a page and later Horse Guard of Oda Nobunaga, becoming a samurai in his service and a fierce and deadly fighter, as well as having studied magic. When Oda Nobunaga was betrayed and killed in Honno-ji Temple, Daemon managed to make it out alive and reach loyalist forces, with which he would join and later on take the life of the traitor, Akechi Mitsuhide. After that, Daemon decided to finally depart Nippon and make his way back home, leaving on a ship from Nippon to Asshai and beginning his journey back west.

Appearance and Character

"Lyanna looked upon her son and could hardly believe that this was her Daemon. A bruised and misbehaved boy was gone, and in his stead stood a man that was every bit a dream of parents and women alike: broad in chest and shoulders, tall and mighty, though scarred, yet with a smile that charmed better than any eyes."
―Queen Lyanna Stark's thoughts when she saw her son after years apart.

Unlike his twin sister and older brother, Daemon has very dark, almost black hair, with streaks of silver running in it, with his hair being very long and flowing down to his upper back. He is always clean shaven and takes good care of how he looks, with his hair being described as silky by others. His single good eye is very pale blue, almost grey, in color, while his right eye is always covered by either an eye patch made of cloth, or a samurai sword guard serving as one. He has several scars on his face, the most distinct being the one over his right eye, wich runs from his cheek to hairline in a gruesome streak, with the second one being three scars on his left cheek from a deep cuts. Underneath his eye patch is hidden his new eye, with the color of fiery sun, that he always keeps hidden. Aside from his scars and loss of an eye, Daemon is considered to be very handsome and attractive, having inherited the traits of Targaryens and Starks, his smile is capable of charming men and women alike.

Daemon's preferred colors are dark indigo, blue, silver and black, and he primarily dresses in those with a taste for luxury and effect. Daemon is in an excellent physical shape and fitness, standing as tall as Robert Baratheon and having similar physique to his, though Daemon loses none of his quickness. His body is also covered in several scars, evidences of his past battles and adventures. He is never unarmed, and either carries a long and short swords, or just the short sword, though he does have a concealed weapon as well.

"Of all the dragons, that one-eyed one is by far the rowdiest, fiercest, temperamental and just plain rebellious of them all. I can't tell if he is either mad, gullible, or clever, and that's what is driving me crazy. But one thing is for sure- he is nothing like his father and brother, and could even be more dangerous than my brother and all of his daughters combined."
―Doran Martell about Daemon Targaryen

Daemon is a fierce and passionate man, one who likes to pursue his dreams and never stop before achieving them, never relenting or retreating from any challenge, being a martial or mental one. Daemon is brave and fearless, often even reckless and disregarding of his own life, often leaping into battle with a second thought, with a daring and challenging smile and laughter. Though he is often guided by his passions and desires, Daemon is not a dull in the mind, as some may consider, and is very shrewd and cunning, at times purposefully exagerrating his outward persona for his own purposes. Though daring and passionate, Daemon is also a kind and gentle person to those who have earned his trust and friendship, but he is unforgiving of betrayal and or slight done to him, and will never forgive or forget it.

Even as a child, he was rowdy and wilful, one who loved to get into trouble and didn't think about consequences, having enjoyed playing pranks and mischief, though in large part he did so not out of malice, but either to make others laugh, or to get attention of his parents. Due to his lonely childhood, having largely spent in the company of caretakers and teachers, instead of his parents and siblings, Daemon often longed for actual affection of parents and siblings. Despite his rowdy nature, he was always diligent and earnest in both training and studies, and always sought to achieve the best results. However, when he learned that whatever he did would never mean anything to his parents, due to their prejudiced opinion of him, something broke in him and he abandoned whatever notion of trying to gain affection of his parents.

An adventurer and a free-spirited man, Daemon loves travels, having acquired taste for during his time with Ser Laenor, and he loves visiting new places and meeting new people, easily making friends and acquaintances with his passionate and eager persona. He loves a good drink and good company, and is not above visiting a brothel or having a quick romance with a noble lady. Daemon does not like to conform and become someone whom he can never be, and therefore hates when someone is trying to tie him down in one form or another, yet he knows his limits and has solid moral principals and a code of conduct and honor. He never turns down someone in need of help, never breaks his word without a good cause, and even towards his enemies, he is honorable and respectful, even if it means he will surrender an advantage when fighting one-on-one.

Daemon values friendship and loyalty, placing those above even his own honor and will not hesitate to sacrifice it or even his own life for his loved ones. He almost doesn't care about what the others think of him and his actions, and will most often either ignore or laugh off those who try to reprimand him. The only people who's opinion Daemon will listen to are those who have earned his respect and friendship, and he is always loyal to these people, be they blood related or not. In case of the Targaryens, Daemon can be seen as uncaring and even indifferent towards them and their feelings, completely disregarding their connection with him, with Daemon not even caring to address his parents and siblings with respect. The only two members of Targaryen family towards whom Daemon is kind and gentle are his grandmother, Queen Mother Rhaella Targaryen, and Queen Elia Martell.

Along with his passionate and fierce nature, Daemon is also blessed with inquisitive and curious mind, able to pick up on the smallest details and hints that others may disregard without a second thought. He is also very clever, more so than most believe him to be and Daemon actively uses it to his advantage, loving to put his enemies in their place with his mind, keeping them guessing about his motives and future actions. Anyone who doesn't know him would think that he usually acts without logic and at random, but those who know him understand that Daemon is never without a plan or a goal in mind. His cunning and ingenuity have earned him the nickname of The Black Fox, since foxes are considered to be embodiments of cunning and wit, with Oda Nobunaga often praising Daemon for his mind.

Naturally not fully trusting of anyone, Daemon has learned to read people's intentions and personality through thier movements and eyes, hence he almost always knows more than others would like. He is an avid reader, with the books having been his only solace in the childhood, and it has remained with him well into manhood, as he loves reading and finding something new. He also enjoys mysteries and myths, with Daemon loving to discover whether they are true or false, enjoy the process of getting to the truth as much as gaining result, if not more. This adventurous side of him has been seen in him since he was a kid, though only came after he was stranded in Nippon.

Alongside his fierce and passionate nature, is also his indomitable spirit and will, as he never breaks and loses hope, nor is one to abandon a cause or a goal. Daemon's will is said to exceed even boundaries of sanity and madness, as for Daemon there is no abandoning an adventure or a cause, only death or victory and he will go either end without regret. He does not fear death or what will follow after it, along with not being afraid of magic or Gods, while he considers himself to be a follower of Old Gods, simply because they suit his nature, though he doesn't deny that there are other gods. Same drive and will are also applied when dealing with enemies, as Daemon is relentless and unstoppable in pursuit of those, whoever they may be.

As a warrior, Daemon is considered to be an embodiment of ferocity, bravery and fearlessness, never afraid to leap into the middle of a battle and fight without regard for anything but victory. He likes to laugh and shout at his opponents, mocking them and making them angry at him, and will even go as far as to surrender his advantages just to mock or make them fight, though only when he is sure of his victory. Despite his youth, Daemon had accomplished many impressive and even great feats of valor and martial prowess, and is considered to be a warrior in same league as legends of old, and even Arthur Dayne considers him an unparalleled fighter and warrior.

He is equally skilled with a bow, spear, sword and dual swords, as well as polearms, able to use them on horseback and on the ground and in the Nippon he was even regarded as an Avatar of Hachiman, God of War and Mastery of Arms. Daemon's list of defeated enemies includes numerous renowned samurai and warrior monks, Yokai of various forms and sizes, Dothraki blood riders and Khals, Sorcerers of various ways, demons and undead, Unsullied, Golden Company mercenaries and even Robert Baratheon himself in one-on-one duel. Daemon has a natural brilliance when it comes to battles and fights, and is a born fighter and tactician, noted by even Nobunaga Oda as one of the smartest retainers he had.

Daemon is sincere and open-minded about himself and others, never one to hide behind a lie or to deceive himself even if it would benefit him, though he does love flamboyant acts and shows to make people think how he wants. He easily finds and makes friends, even if they aren't human, like in Nippon with Yokai and Guardian Spirits. He also enjoys a good time with drinks and friends and has been often seen flirting and even having affairs with women, but towards those that he truly cares and loves, he is loyal without any regard for his own life, especially towards his first two wives, Kagetora Nagao and Akane Oda. He also adopted a number of traditions and cultural ideas of Nippon, one of which being the idea of polygamy, hence why he has multiple paramours and treats them as if they are all his wives.

Daemon is multi-lingual person, freely speaking and writing in nearly every language that is out in the world, from Nippon to Westerosi common, and is also curious and interested in other people's history and cultures. He also has quite a singing voice, noted as to have a voice that can start a fire in the hearts of others and whose songs inspire, as he loves to sing with passion and joy, as opposed to his father's melancholic and sad tunes, though he can also sing in softer and more romantic tones. He also knows how to play several instruments, though harp is beyond him. He is also excellently versed in astronomy, navigation and seafaring, noted as being as good on the deck of a ship as on land.


"In all things, Daemon displayed a natural aptitude and passion, from sword fighting to reading. Tall and strong even for his age, he was everything that Aerys had wanted Rhaegar to be, when he was but a babe. The only ill fate Daemon had was being born to people who saw prophecies more important than genuine love and care."
―Rhaella Targaryen about her grandson, Daemon Targaryen

Daemon was born to Lyanna Stark in 283 AC in the Tower of Joy, after Robert's Rebellion was over, with the instigator, Robert Baratheon, having fled to Essos after his defeat at the Trident. Prior to his birth, Lyanna gave birth to his twin sister Visenya, while his birth took much longer and he was born when the day long turned to night, with a bloody moon hanging in the sky and illuminating the night and the chambers where he was born. Considered to be an ill and bad omen in both Westeros and by Targaryen family, Lyanna and Rhaegar feared that the child would bring about bad tidings and misfortune upon the family. Due to this, he would be given the name of Daemon, a name that had for the longest time been used by the members of Blackfyre line, and which would serve as an indicator, that he wasn't considered to be fully Targaryen, as he would spend his childhood mostly away from his siblings and parents.

For the first six years of his life, Daemon spent in the Red Keep, raised primarily by caretakers and teachers that his parents assigned for him, while they and their other children interacted as little as they could with him. Daemon grew quite tall and strong, excelling in martial and book studies better than anyone in Targaryen family, yet due to the lack of attention from his parents, he also developed a mischievous side, often pulling pranks and jokes on others, with the intent to gain his parents' attention. Unfortunately for Daemon, this would result in their further distancing from him and punishments, along with both Rhaegar and Lyanna seeing their suspicions becoming a reality. The only Targaryens who showed him genuine and true affection were Queen Mother Rhaella Targaryen and Queen Elia Martell, with the latter treating Daemon as if he were her own son.

During one of the training sessions, Daemon was paired against his older brother Aegon, who was nearly two years his senior, yet was losing against a brother, who was already stronger and taller than him. After having been disarmed and knocked onto the ground, Daemon, after playfully joking about Aegon's abilities, offered him his hand to get up, with Aegon accepting. However, once he was on back on his feet and having been incensed by Daemon's jokes, his loss and the encouragements from his uncle Oberyn, Aegon grabbed a dagger that his uncle earlier gifted to him and attacked Daemon. Before Aegon could be restrained and pulled away from his brother, he had managed to severely injure Daemon by cutting up his right half of face, and also damaging his right eye.

Fighting for his life and loss of innocence.

"In place of his healthy eye, there was a gaping hole, from which in two sides extended a gnarled and ugly line. It stung when he touched it, and he could not even focus his vision normally when he looked at anything, unable to see how far something was. Then he remembered the pain and agony, how Pycelle worked his flesh akin to a butcher working meat..."
―Daemon's thoughts when he first saw his reflection after coma

Daemon was rushed to Pycelle in the Maester's tower, with the old maester immediately operating on the child, but either having forgotten, or intentionally, Pycelle didn't give Daemon anything for the pain, and he would be awake and in agony during the entire procedure. What's worse, Pycelle's improper stitching and cleaning of the wounds would cause Daemon's wounds to get infected, along with his damaged eye, which would then be beyond any healing. Rhaegar would sack Pycelle from his place and hurriedly replace him with Maesters Aemon and Marwyn, who would manage to save Daemon's life, but in the process they had to remove the infected flesh and eye and cauterize the wound inside, but the damage and agony caused forced Daemon to slip into a coma.

For over a month Daemon would spend in coma, almost constantly in pain and with high fever running through his body, with both Maesters believing that Daemon would not survive. Maester Aemon suspected that Daemon was also being poisoned by someone, as he had noticed other symptoms that were uncharacteristic of normal fever, and after finding out that one of the servants was feeding Daemon poisoned water, he had hopped that removing the poison would improve his health, but it remained in a critical state. On the night when it seemed like Daemon would finally die, a great storm erupted over the King's Landing, with lightning striking all sever towers of Great Sept of Baelor, causing them to collapse, which would be seen as an omen of gods' fury. Later, it would also be discovered that the septons and High Septon personally prayed for the death of Daemon Targaryen, having been encouraged by the Hand of the King, Jon Connington.

After the storm, Daemon would finally start to show the signs of recovery, and on the next day he would wake up from his coma, to discover that he now had a gnarled and nasty scar, and had no right eye, while at the same time, Aegon, with the help of Oberyn and loyal to him people, would spin a lie about how Daemon was the one who had actually attacked Aegon and forced him to defend himself. Once he was strong enough, Daemon was forced to answer for his supposed actions before parents and the entire court. Despite his protests and denials of all of the accusations, as well as him telling how it all really happened, Rhaegar and Lyanna would still judge Daemon guilty of trying to attack his brother out of envy and with ill intent.

The punishment for his supposed actions was that Daemon would have to apologize to his brother, or else being removed from the line of succession entirely. With little to no choice in the matter, Daemon complied and apologized to Aegon before the entire court, who half-heartedly and mockingly accepted it, while in the private he would mock and insult Daemon, stating that he was always going to be an outcast and never a Targaryen, and that their parents did not care one bit about him. After all that had happened, Daemon's attitude would sour and turn sullen and grim, as he would come to a conclusion that he really was unloved and uncared by his parents, and that no matter what he did or didn't, he would always be the bad son in their eyes.

Squiring for Ser Velaryon and being lost in the unknown land.

"I had neither love nor fondness for the lad, I shall tell you, but I was never unfair and unjust to him. We knew our roles and played them, and I did not wish upon him to be claimed by the seas... Gods watch over his soul."
―Ser Laenor Velaryon about Daemon Targaryen

Mere weeks after his trial and having awakened and recovered from his wounds and coma, Daemon would be informed that he was to be sent to Driftmark, home of House Velaryon, to become a square of Ser Laenor Velaryon, a famous sailor and adventurer, who spent more time in other seas then in Westeros. Understanding that this was less of an honor and more of an exile, Daemon none the less complied and soon left King's Landing, not knowing that he wouldn't see it for more than ten years. Unlike all the past Targaryens, he would not have a Kingsguard to watch over him during his time as a squire, something that was taken note of by people in the court, while Rhaella and Elia tried to prevent Daemon's departure, yet were unsuccessful.

Days later, Daemon would arrive on Driftmark and would be introduced to the man he would squire for, Ser Laenor Velaryon, who despite his status as a knight knew next to nothing about knightly duties, yet was one of the most experienced sailors in Westeros, who was said to be more in love with seas than women. The two would never be able to bond past their master-apprentice status, and all that Laenor would be able to pass onto Daemon would be his knowledge of the seas, sailing, different countries, people and so forth. For the next two years, during his time squiring for the man, Daemon would visit nearly every corner of Essos, from Lorath to Qarth, with Laenor Velaryon, until on the second year, the man would decide to sail past Asshai and through the Saffron Straits, fulfilling life-long dream of finding a mysterious and ancient land that he heard of in Yi Ti, called Nippon.

Having prepared the best ships that could withstand long journeys and various conditions, hired a crew and prepared supplies, Laenor set off from Volantis towards east, with the winds being in his favor for much of the journey, as in less than six months he would reach Yi Ti with Daemon, to resupply and then continue their journey. Managing to sail past Asshai and into the Saffron Straits, they sailed past the isle of Ulos, which marked the border between known and unknown world. For five months they sailed in an unknown ocean, with much of the crew suffering from deceases and fever, until they managed to discover a new continent and made it to one of the local ports. Thanks to some of YiTish sailors that they had with them, Laenor and Daemon found out that it really was Nippon, a mysterious continent filled with samurai, Yokai, magic, spirits and more.

For the next two months, Laenor would be forced to resupply and hire a new crew, as well as repair his ships for the journey back home, while also learning all he could about this mysterious land, and also selling and buying cargo, to earn and bring wealth to himself and his house. In the meantime, Daemon would take a great interest in the culture and people of Nippon, quickly learning to speak their language and how to write on their language. Once all of the preparations were completed, Laenor set sail when the winds were in his favor, but not a day later, a serious storm struck the fleet on their way back to the West, and while all of the ships were able to safely navigate it, Daemon was carried over board by a wave of water, going overboard, with Laenor and the crew assuming him to have been lost.

However, they were wrong, as Daemon had managed to latch onto a piece of wood that was broken off one of the ships, and the waves carried him back to Nippon, where he would end up a day later, barely breathing and near death. He would've surely perished, had he not become unknowingly bonded to a Guardian Spirit, a mysterious magical creature that exists on several plains of reality, and are considered to be minor deities of Nippon people. In Daemon's case, his Guardian Spirit was Sohaya, a Dragon Spirit that bonded with Daemon during the time when he visited Mt. Hiei and ruins of a temple there. Thanks to Sohaya's magic keeping Daemon alive long enough, he would be found and rescued by samurai of Oda Nobunaga, to whom he would later be brought before.

Adoption into Oda Clan and service to the Demon King

"When I woke up and found myself brought before the Demon King, I though that this was the end of my life... Instead of death, however, I found a new way of life, friends and even family."
―Daemon Targaryen recounting events from his past.

Daemon was brought right before Oda Nobunaga, Daimyo of Oda Clan and the man who was regarded as the most dangerous person in all of Nippon, who was currently in the process of trying to unify Nippon under his own rule. Unbeknownst at the time to Daemon, Oda Nobunaga, along with many Samurai and Onmyoji, sorcerers of Nippon, were able to perceive Sohaya, and this furthered the intrigue that Nobunaga felt towards the boy. After questioning and asking him about his life, his circumstances and everything about Westeros, from where it was to who ruled it, Oda Nobunaga made a stunning decision: he decided to take the nine year old boy in as a page and a retainer. Shocking everyone, including his retainers and Daemon himself, Nobunaga declared to Daemon that from that day forth, until Nobunaga wished, Daemon would serve Oda Clan, which he accepted with shock.

After that, Daemon would be placed under the care of Princess Kichou, Oda Nobunaga's first wife, and a skilled Onmyoji herself, who despite her supposed cold-hearted attitude, immediately took a liking to Daemon and would in short while come to regard him as her own son, even granting him the right to use her family name, Saito. Understanding that he was effectively stuck in Nippon for good, and most likely presumed dead, Daemon accepted his place and decided to make the most out of it.

For the next 2 years, Daemon would serve, learn and train under Nobunaga, his retainers and Princess Kichou in martial, administrative and even magical arts, becoming an apprentice to Kichou, who would teach Daemon to perceive the spiritual world around him and communicate with it, including his own Guardian Spirit. Both Nobunaga and Kichou would deduce the fiery heart that burned in Daemon and both encouraged him to express himself far more, supporting and helping him overcome the trauma of having been rejected all his life by his actual parents and family. Thanks to their support, by the time Daemon was 11 years old, he was excelling at every facet of samurai life and would earn the right to genpuku, the rite of coming of age, where he would be granted a new name, Saito Hachiman Yorimitsu, with the family name of Lady Kichou, the first name of a God of War for he was compared to one, and the second name after one of Daemon's favorite legends of Nippon, Minamoto no Yorimitsu. During the said two years, Daemon would become close friends with many of the younger retainers and pages close to his age that were also serving Oda Clan. The closest of his friends would be Otani Yoshitsugu, Shima Sakon, Mori Katsunaga and Takenaka Hanbei, the former and latter of whom, he would actually help greatly to heal from their respective illnesses. He would also become very close to the sole daughter of Oda Nobunaga and Kichou, Akane, who had inherited her mother's Onmyoji talent and abilities, and who would greatly sympathize and fall for Yorimitsu later on.

After that, Daemon would enter into an official service of Oda Nobunaga, being assigned to his army and taking part in numerous engagements, skirmishes and even battles. Thanks to his physical prowess and being near same size as a fully grown man at that point, as well as his natural aptitude for warfare, Daemon would display excellent skills in battle and earn recognition and respect from other samurai and praise from Lord Nobunaga. In his first big battle, Yorimitsu would claim the first kill and bring Oda Clan three heads of enemy commanders, while slaying at least twenty of foot soldiers and half the same number of samurai. In the subsequent year and a half, Saito Yorimitsu would continue to earnestly and dutifully serve the Oda Clan, earning recognition and fame across the clan and the land.

He would also start to take part in the hunting of Aratama, or evil Yokai, that rampaged across the country and caused death, destruction and suffering upon the people. An extremely dangerous and cunning foe that came in various shapes and sizes, even at his young age, Yorimitsu proved his mettle even against this enemy, slaying his first Aratama Oni, or demon, by the age 11 and presenting it's head to Oda Nobunaga, who would later often assign Yorimitsu to such things. By the age of 12, Daemon would already have more than ten Oni killed by his own hand, and many other lesser Aratama, which earned praise and respect of others, with some of the samurai even believing that Daemon was blessed by God Hachiman himself. it would at this time that he would come across a legendary blacksmith Senji Muramasa, and save his village from an Oni and his band of revenants. As a sign of gratitude and to compensate Daemon for his ruined armor and swords, Muramasa would forge him a Dragon Steel tachi, Onimaru Muramasa, which would become Daemon's lifelong companion. Oda Nobunaga, for Yorimitsu's work, would gift Yorimitsu the family armor of Azai Clan, an expensive and old set of armor that once belonged to Nobunaga's brother-in-law.

Meeting Nagao Kagetora and becoming Avatar of Hachiman

"Daemon Targaryen... You are very special indeed! You are the first man to make me fight like that, to make me feel... Take your blade and go back to your Demon KIng, knowing that I, Uesugi Kenshin, whose true name is Nagao Kagetora, finds you incredible and worthy of my respect and admiration! Until we meet again, Hachiman!"
―Kagetora Nagao to Daemon Targaryen on their first meeting.

In the beginning of his third year of official service, Yorimitsu would accompany Oda Nobunaga north to face off against a mighty army of Uesugi Clan and their leader, a peerless tactician and warrior hailed as the Avatar of Bishamonten, a God of War, Justice and Laws, Uesugi Kenshin, at Tedorigawa. Though Yorimitsu would not be included in the battle adn would be largely relegated to scouting and patrols, he would still find himself in a situation where he would have show valor and courage. During the night of the main attack of Oda, Yorimitsu, thanks to Sohaya, would learn that Uesugi forces were making their way to a local damb, planning to open the flood gates and separate the Oda vanguard from it's main body. With his small band of scouts, Yorimitsu rushed on horseback to the damb and without any hesitation, engaged a numerically superior enemy, with ferocity and power that shook Uesugi warriors.

After a prolonged and brutal fight, the damb was secured and Yorimitsu sent for reinforcements, while he and his warriors would remain to defend it from the subsequent Uesugi attacks. Withstanding seven assaults and losing all of his men, Yorimitsu, though tired and wounded, still held the damb, with over two and a half hundred of Uesugi samurai and foot soldiers dead. The eight attack started not by a charge of all out forces, but by a single rider with a long bladed spear, an ashen haired beauty of a maiden, dressed in monk garments and armor, who hopped off her horse and attacked Yorimitsu with unprecedented ferocity, skill and might. Though alone and with fatigue taking hold of him, Daemon persisted, and with the support of Sohaya and magic, he managed to restore his vigor and health for a short period, turning the battle on entirely into a stalemate. Both warriors were equal in their mastery of arms and power and for almost an hour they fought without reprieve, until the Uesugi maiden warrior summoned her own Guardian Spirit, another Dragon Spirit, and fused with it, incredibly increasing her power and allowing her to defeat Yorimitsu by disarming him.

Prepared to face his death, Yorimitsu was surprised when she asked his name, and he gave it to her, calling himself Saito Yorimitsu and adding Daemon Targaryen, with the maiden, instead of taking his head as a trophy, laughed and smiled at him, before revealing her own name: Uesugi Kenshin, Lord of Echigo and Daimyo of Uesugi Clan, and also Nagao Kagetora, Avatar of Bishamonten. Completely shocked and stumped, Daemon did not expect to find himself battling Uesugi Kenshin, and that he would turn out to be a woman, but she asked him to refer to her as Nagao Kagetora, her birthname. After exchanging their names, Kagetora decided to instead return Daemon his weapon and allowed him to go free to the Oda, stating that of all the people she faced off against, he was the only one who could understand her.

Thus, Yorimitsu was allowed to leave, and the battle as a whole was won by the Oda Clan, who managed overwhelm the Uesugi in the field and force their retreat, but not without a high cost in men, which meant that they couldn't pursue the Uesugi. Oda Nobunaga, after hearing the report made by Yorimitsu, recognized the role he played in their victory and the fact that he had managed to divert the attention of Uesugi Kenshin away from the larger battle, as well as battle and survive fighting arguably the greatest warrior in Nippon. As a reward, Nobunaga proclaimed Yorimitsu as the Avatar of Hachiman and embodiment of God of War and Warriors, setting him up as counterpart to Kenshin.

As for Daemon himself, on their way back to the capital, he would recall that whenever he clashed swords with Kagetora, he would experience brief flashes of memories, though not his own, but that of Kagetora. He would later find out that this was a phenomena known as spiritual connection, one in which two persons open up their souls and spirits and learn from each other, and Kagetora experienced the same as Daemon, hence why she decided to let him go.

Hunting Demons and clash of Avatars

"Let Kenshin go, Tora! Put to the rest that damned duty and let yourself be who you should be- a woman and human that deserves happiness and love!"
―Daemon Targaryen to Kagetora Nagao during their second fight.

Less than half a year after the confrontation with Kagetora at Tedorigawa, Yorimitsu and a group of Samurai would be sent to investigate a sudden increase in attacks of Aratama, and to deal with it. The searches for the possible leads led them to an ancient temple on the outskirts of Naniwa, ancient and abandoned capital of Nippon, where they were ambushed and attacked by Aratama and Oni, with nearly all of the samurai being slaughtered, with only Yorimitsu remaining and fighting. Before he surrounded and killed, out of nowhere, Nagao Kagetora appeared and cut a bloody path to Yorimitsu, before joining him and battling demons, with both soon victorious.

Though happy to be rescued, Yorimitsu did ask what she was doing here, deep in the Oda territory, with Kagetora stating that she was led here by her own God, Bishamonten, who ordered that she assist him, on her own. Despite being enemies and clashing with each other in this same year, Yorimitsu accepted the help of Kagetora and the two moved into the temple, only to find it ransacked and destroyed, with a massive hole in the middle of the floor, leading into a deep cavern. After some investigation, Yorimitsu concluded that this temple was actually a prison for one of the most powerful Oni of all time, Shuten Doji, with his immortal severed head having been sealed away in here, and now he was free and searching for the rest of his body. Knowledgeable about this legend too, Kagetora stated that the body of Shuten was in a temple of Byodo-In near Kyoto, with both setting off to get there.

Their path would be obstructed by a massive unnatural storm that forced to seek shelter until it passed, as it was practically trying to kill them, with both Yorimitsu and Kagetora being forced to use magic to shield themselves from incoming lightning. Fortunately, their luck would take a turn for the better, when a pair of Guardian Spirits in form of Phoenixes reached them and then guided them to a long forgotten Shinto shrine, which seemed shielded from the unnatural storm. The pair took refuge there, with Yorimitsu discovering that the shrine contained two ancient swords, legendary Usumidori and Dojikiri Yasutsuna, who belonged to Minamoto Yoshitsune and Yorimitsu respectively, with both Guardian Spirits having served both of them, and now wishing that these weapons once again served a worthy warrior. Kagetora declined taking them, offering them instead to Yorimitsu, who accepted them, along with both Spirits, known as Ho-oh, as his own.

During their stay in there, the pair opened up to one another, and Kagetora revealed that out of all her opponents, and even her subjects, family and warriors, Daemon was the first one who looked at her not as a monster, God of War or something else, but as someone she never experienced before- human. She revealed to him that she was born from a union of man and Nigitama, a good Yokai, and was blessed with great strength, unparralled mind and abilities beyond normal humans, but she was isolated and repressed, seen as a monster and reviled. She lived isolated life, unable to grasp human emotions and understand them, even after she became leader of Uesugi Clan, and through all her life she was alone, until she met Daemon and connected to him spiritually.

Both of them understand that their childhoods have been quite similar to one another, and both have similar abilities, but both couldn't be more different, with Daemon understanding and realizing, that while as Kenshin she is a legendary warrior and general, she is fully alone and has almost lost her humanity, despite desperately trying to retain it. Kagetora admits, that Daemon makes her feel things she never sensed and that his mere presence makes her heart beat faster and stronger than in any battle, with Daemon feeling admitting that he too felt attracted to her. Unable to fully grasp her feelings and senses, she asks him for a rematch, after they deal with Shuten Doji, as the battle was the only way of communication that Kagetora fully comprehended, with Daemon agreeing to it.

On the next day, the pair would reach the Byodo-In Temple, which was occupied and infested with Oni and Aratama, forcing the pair to battle their way into the innermost chamber of the Temple, but they would be too late, for Shuten Doji had managed to regain his body, with his lieutenant Ibaraki Doji having restored his health and power. Yorimitsu and Kagetora would engage in a death battle against Shuten and Ibaraki, with both of the heroes summoning their Guardian Spirits and fusing with them, while Ho-oh fused with Daemon's swords, granting him the power to destroy Shuten Doji. After a long and extremely hard battle, the two Oni would be finally slain, and their bodies and remains burned away by the two. After the battle, Kagetora would express her gratitude to Daemon for his valor, and without even realizing it, she kissed him in the lips. With the adrenaline running high and both attracted to one another by spirits and flesh, the two would lay with each other and have a night of passionate sex.

After the night and on the morning, despite what they shared that night, Kagetora and Yorimitsu would engage one another in a duel of legendary caliber, calling about upon their Dragon Spirits and fusing with them exchanging blows and thoughts with one another. Communicating on a level beyond normal, Daemon and Kagetora expressed their feelings, told all they had about themselves, with Daemon sharing his heart with her, showing and making her learn what it meant to be human and what emotions were. He pleaded to Kagetora to abandon her persona as Kenshin and let herself be human instead of a lone Avatar she strived to be.

After three hours of battles, the two exchanged one last strike, and Kagetora lost, demanding in tears that Daemon finally end her miserable and lonely existence, with Daemon, instead of her head, cutting her long ashen hair, before stating that Uesugi Kenshin was dead, and now her life was her own. Shocked and shaken to the core, Kagetora cried on his shoulders, after she felt the weight she carried all her life as Kenshin being lifted off her shoulders, finally allowing her to be what she always wanted. With both connected by their spirits and souls, Kagetora decided to follow Daemon, as a companion, friend, apprentice and lover, and from that day forth, she became his beloved, and was presented to Oda Nobunaga and Princess Kichou as Nagao Kagetora, his companion and de-facto wife, though never officially. From then on, Kagetora would forever be with Daemon, and reconcile and learn being human again.

Honno-Ji Incident and leaving Nippon.

Nobunaga: "So, this is how it ends, my life of fifty years... Let it be so. Yorimitsu!"
Daemon: "Yes, my Lord!"
Nobunaga: "Set the temple ablaze and buy me and Kichou as much time as you can. Sakon, Katsunaga, Hanbei, Yoshitsugu, Kagetora- assist him all of this, and from this moment you serve directly Yorimitsu! Make sure that the enemy doesn't get my body, and let the flames consume them!"
Daemon: "As you command, my Lord!"
Nobunaga: "And after that, Yorimitsu, you have one last order- you are to live on and see your dreams come to pass! If you dare to take your own life or die before that, I shall personally haunt you in the afterlife. So take heed, live on and make my daughter happy as her husband!"
— Oda Nobunaga's last orders to Daemon

Next two and a half years Daemon, alongside Kagetora and his friends would actively participate in the campaigns of Oda Clan, earning himself more respect and recognition nationwide, earning himself the nickname of One-Eyed Dragon, as well as Greatest Warrior of the West, for the number of battles he participated and won, as well as many dangerous Aratama he slew, which also earned him the title of Demon Slayer. By the time Nobunaga was all but on the verge of unifying Nippon, Yorimitsu became as legendary as his Minamoto namesake and his fame even started to spread beyond Nippon and into Essos. Most of the time he would spend as a personal guard of Nobunaga and his family, and it would be in this position he and his friends would find themselves in Temple of Honno-ji, where Oda Nobunaga stopped for the night, before proceeding to the west.

However, on the midnight, one of Oda Nobunaga's top generals, Mitsuhide Akechi, launched a treacherous and sudden attack at the Temple, bringing an entire army to the temple, while Oda Nobunaga only had less than half a hundred of guards and attendants. Realizing his unwinnable situation and that this was the end, Nobunaga ordered Daemon and others to set the temple ablaze and buy him and his wife enough time, as well as to ensure that their bodies weren't to be claimed. As his final order, he de-facto released Daemon from the services and even gave his blessing to be with Akane, who was also present at the place and time. Taking heed, Yorimitsu, Kagetora, Yoshitsugu, Sakon, Katsunaga, Hanbei and Akane did as they were ordered, setting the temple ablaze through magical means and holding back the attacking samurai of Akechi.

After a brutal and hellish battle, Daemon would provide cover for the rest to slip through the lines of Akechi, before himself checking on the fact that both Nobunaga and Kichou's bodies were claimed by fire, and only when the temple collapsed on top of them, Daemon left and joined with the rest. Having been able to barely slip past Akechi forces and unable to save Nobunaga's heir Nobutada, Daemon and Kagetora both were quick to guess that the rest of Oda retainers and commanders will soon come after Mitsuhide, and so rushed to meet with the one commander who was the closest to them, Hashiba Hideyoshi.

Fortunately for them, Hashiba Hideyoshi and his great army moved fast and were near Kyoto in mere days after the incident, and when Yorimitsu and others appeared before him, most of the Oda commanders accused Yorimitsu and others of cowardice and treason, and were prepared to take Lady Akane away from them. However, Akane spoke out and called them out on their arrogance and stupidity, stating that had it not been for Yorimitsu and others, her father and mother would be Mitsuhide's captives, and that the sole reason she lives is because of them. Hideyoshi, unlike his subordinates, was far less critical and instead was happy to see his good friends alive and well, and assured Yorimitsu that he would have his chance to take Mitsuhide's head.

Several days later, Akechi and Hashiba forces met at Yamazaki, with Yorimitsu and his companions taking position at Mt. Tenno, where they would be the first to take on Mitsuhide and his army, with Kagetora assuming command of the Hashiba forces on the mountain, while Yorimitsu commanded the vanguard and fought at the thickest of battles. Thanks to their efforts, Mitsuhide would not be able to make any headway for the mountain and be denied the ability to gain higher ground, leading to Hideyoshi encircling and crushing his forces. As for Yorimitsu himself, he would use the chance when Hideyoshi attacked to charge at Akechi camp and there personally take Mitsuhide's head, ending the battle and avenging his lord.

After the battle, Hideyoshi personally greeted and praised Daemon for his feats and for taking Mitsuhide's head, before attempting to gain him in his own service, knowing full well that it was his opportunity to become the ruler of Nippon. Offering Daemon Nobunaga's own castle of Azuchi, three provinces and place among his foremost retainers, Hashiba wished to win him over, but Daemon refused and stated, that he had his own dreams and that his time in Nippon was over. He assured Hideyoshi that he would not press any accusations or support his enemies, and would instead leave for his homeland, with those who wanted to go with him, with Hideyoshi settling on it, providing Daemon the finest ship, great amount of gold and provisions, as well as excellent crew and a compliment of loyal samurai. All of Daemon's friends, along with his wives Akane and Kagetora, chose to follow him, and a week after the battle, Daemon finally departed Nippon and began his journey back to Westeros.

Asshai and venturing into the darkness

"Go where the shadows fear to thread, where darkness and death reign supreme. In the heart of Stygai, you shall either find truth or die..."
―Quaithe communicating with Daemon through a dream.

After leaving Nippon, Daemon and the rest sailed for four months through the ocean and Saffron Straits, and during this time, for almost every night during the first month of sailing, Daemon would be haunted by the same dream, in which a woman in a red mask would tell him to go to Stygai, to find the truth, while various images of demons, ice, dragons and more showed as well. Having had enough of those dreams after a month, Daemon employed the help of Akane to finally discern what they were, with his wife performing a ritual on him and connecting spiritually, before putting him to sleep. Once in his sleep, when he again had that dream, Akane was also there and she met the red masked woman, quickly discerning that she was forcefully entering his mind, and demanded clear answers, or else she would expel her out of Daemon's mind completely. Faced with no other choice, woman introduced herself as Quaithe, and stated that she meant neither harm nor ill to them, and only wanted to meet with Daemon, saying that she waited for them in Asshai. When asked why should Daemon meet her, she stated that it is for the sake of Daemon and all of the world, and that the cold winds were rising in the North, and nights would grow longer, if he did not come.

After awakening and analyzing her words, Daemon concluded that she alluded to the Long Night that had happened thousands of years ago, and seeing as Asshai would be their first stop anyway, Daemon decided to find out what she meant with all this. After months of sailing, they made port in the shadowy city of Asshai. Fortunately for them, Quaithe almost immediately found them and arranged for them to stay at her own house, and once all were settled, she spoke with Daemon, Akane and Kagetora, stating that the omens and signs were pointing towards the fact that the Great Other was awakening again to bring the world into ruin. Though initially confused, upon further elaboration, Akane and Daemon identified this Great Other as Amatsu-Mikaboshi, a primordial God of Darkness, Death, Cold and Nothingness, who wished to return the world into nothingness. According to Quaithe, it was one of his names, but one deity that was again making his moves, and that evil stirred in Stygai, a haunted, demon infested ruined city north east of Asshai. She implored Daemon to venture there, stating that in there laid the chance to beat him for good, though she did not hide the fact that Stygai was as dangerous as it could be.

After a night of meditation and his personal reflection, Daemon decided to go, taking only Kagetora with him and Quaithe as their guide, and soon ventured to the forbidden city, that even shadowbinders feared. It would take them a week on foot to reach it's ruined walls, and all through could physically sense the darkness growing in there, and that it was spreading out of there. Now assured of the fact that an evil more ancient than Shuten Doji dwelled in there, Daemon and Kagetora continued on, with Quaithe not daring to go further, and once the pair was past the gates, they would be under assault of wraiths and spirits that infested the place, yet they would not be able to stop them. Pressing onward, they would encounter horrors and monsters that would try their hardest to stop them from reaching heart of Stygai, until they finally reached the temple in which seemed to be pulsating with evil. Daemon and Kagetora entered it and seemingly found themselves in a completely different realm, where darkness, cold and ice ruled, in a matter of minutes the two were separated by an unknown force, with Daemon having to make the rest of the way alone.

After untold hours of wandering the frozen wastes, Daemon would reach a citadel of black sleek stone and ice, where in the throne room he would find a giant of a demonic man, a creature of darkness and malice, with red as blood eyes, which looked at Daemon and spoke at a language that none spoke in millennia. Yet, without even knowing his words, Daemon sensed and knew who and what it was- an Avatar of Amatsu-Mikaboshi, known in Nippon as Otakemaru, part demon and part deity, and greatest of Aratama in existence. Once destroyed, it was again reformed and now was to lead demonic forces in conquest of Essos and the East, and Daemon was here to stop him, or die trying. Without any choice in the matter, Daemon drew for battle, with Otakemaru doing the same, grabbing with magic three swords and beginning battle with him.

Calling upon his three Guardian Spirits, fusing with Sohaya and employing magical powers that he had, Daemon was only able to barely keep up with Otakemaru, being on the backfoot since the beginning of the fight and barely even making a scratch on him, for even the hardest strikes would immediately heal upon him. After hours of fighting, Otakemaru grew enraged at the persistence of Daemon, and then swung all three of his swords at Daemon, breaking Onimaru into five pieces and forcing Sohaya out of Daemon, knocking the air out of him. Preparing to finish him off, Ho-oh intervened and distracted him, before Sohaya, seeing his friend's desperation and imminent death, did the unthinkable- Sohaya picked up the pieces of Onimaru, and then fused itself into them, combining into one with them and reforging the sword into a new, by sacrificing itself and giving Daemon a weapon to destroy Otakemaru.

Moved and enraged at the death of his longest and closest friend, Daemon gained second wind and grabbed the glowing gold sword and went to fight Otakemaru again, fusing with both Ho-oh to even the odds, and finally beginning to best him. After a relentless and inhuman assault, Daemon finally managed to drive his weapon into Otakemaru's chest, piercing his heart, seemingly ending the fight, until Otakemaru's form began to break into a mist, with his spirit trying to take control of Daemon and be reborn in his body. It seemed as if Otakemaru would be successful, until Daemon's soul resisted, with Akane, Kagetora, his friends and their Guardian Spirits all connected to Daemon through magic, helping him fight on, and then finally destroy Otakemaru's soul. Once it was all done, Daemon's body, underwent a transformation and gained a new form, similar to that of Otakemaru, as he had taken all of the demon's powers as his own, and now became more than a man, a deity in his own right that could fight and defeat the Great Other.

Regaining control of his body and mind, Daemon took his sword, giving it name of Sohayamaru in honor of his fallen friend, and then, sensing and feeling what was deep within the ice, he drew the blade into the ice, dispersing the darkness and snows, breaking it and awakening what was inside. A massive great blue Dragon, four legged and two winged, emerged from the broken ice, revived and returned back to life by Daemon, who mounted it and with it flew out of this realm. Reentering the realm of the living, Daemon's Dragon signalled it's return in the realm of the living by a thunderous roar that broke the darkness of Stygai and cleansed it of evil, before picking up Kagetora and reaching Asshai, where nearly all of the denizens of the Shadow City knelt before Daemon, seeing a new god in him.

Upon revealing to them what had happened to him in Stygai, Quaithe and others were quite literally in shock, as this was beyond their wildest dreams, with Quaithe admitting that she only believed that Daemon would only bring Dragons back, but with Daemon now being an immortal deity in his own right, it completely changed everything. Without any hesitation, she pledged herself to him, revealing herself to be Shiera Seastar, one of Aegon IV's Great Bastards, and proclaiming Daemon as The Promised Prince and new Azor Ahai. From that point onwards, Asshai's populace in large majority would also pledge itself to Daemon, helping him prepare for the journey west, and when he departed on his dragon, whose name was Tiamat, with the ship behind him, Shiera joining Daemon on his journey.

Upon his departure, rumors and stories would start to spread about the return of the Dragons at a great speed, and soon enough, they would reach King's Landing. King Rhaegar would order Varys to start looking for the Dragon and it's rider, not yet knowing or being prepared for the fact that it was Daemon, his own son.


"One can't deny that the One-Eyed Dragon lacks for neither arms or armor. Even kings would envy his arsenal."
―Barristan Selmy


Mino Tosei Gusoku - Daemon's first set of armor he wore when he began to serve Oda Nobunaga on the battlefield. A simple Nipponese samurai armor set, with a tub shaped steel breastplate, chainmail and splint sleeves, lamellar shoulder pads and waistguard, splint gauntlets and greaves, and a ridged helmet with no ornate parts, all lacquered in black color. It was provided to Daemon by Lady Kichou, as a present upon reaching the age of manhood. Daemon would wear this armor for several years, until it would be damaged in battle with Takeda army and be beyond repair.

Azai Clan Gusoku - Second set of armor, gifted to Daemon by Oda Nobunaga for his valor in battle. A set of Nipponese armor, made centuries before and utilizing archaic designs, using lamellar plating double layered plated chestguard and waistguard, with splint and chainmail armor on greaves and gauntlets, with a helmet with bird ornamentation upon it, all colored in dark indigo. This set of armor is made of special type of alloy, employing essence of Yokai in it, that makes it lighter than steel, but not losing any of the protective measures, affording Daemon to move faster in it, which he would use to great effect for the majority of his stay in Nippon. Formerly was used by Lord Azai Nagamasa and was an Azai family heirloom. Still in Daemon's possession.

Exceptional Dragon Gusoku - Third set of armor owned by Daemon, forged specifically for him by a famous blacksmith, Muramasa. A fusion of Westerosi style plated and Nipponese lamellar armor, with a single double plated ridged breastplate, splint and chainmail sleeves and undershirt, plated greaves and gauntlets, with long lamellar segmented waistguard and shoulder guards, with a ridged helmet, adorned with a golden horns and Nipponese dragon over it, all lacquered in black and dark indigo and chased with gold. Above the armor, there was a special surcoat, or jimbaori, made of dark indigo color and chased with gold, reaching past hips. Made out of Dragon Steel, an alloy created by utilization of metallurgy and magic, it is extremely similar to Valyrian Steel, only lacks it's smoky appearance and instead has a silver-like natural color to it, yet is just as sturdy and indestructible.


Mino Dual Uchigatana - A pair of longer and shorter Uchigatana, utilized by Daemon in the beginning of his service to Oda Nobunaga. With a simple design and nothing noteworthy, these two blades however were, however a departure from a traditionally used Uchigatana and Wakizashi combination, as Daemon's strength and equally strong grip in his left and right hand allowed him to use both long blades at the same time.

Onimaru Muramasa - A Dragon Steel tachi, forged by Muramasa as a gift to Daemon for slaying an Oni that was terrorizing his village. Forged with the utilization of Oni's blood and powdered horns, it is imbued with spirit of the defeated Oni, which fuels the blade with fire power, capable of burning those that it cuts, including the blades of lesser quality than his. Daemon utilized this sword for a the majority of his time in Nippon and even past it, until it was broken in Stygai, but was reforged into a new blade, Sohayamaru.

Usumidori - An ancient Dragon Steel tachi, forged over a thousand years ago, imbued with magical energy that take a form of a light green streak running the whole length of the sword's back section. Extremely light and extremely sharp, Usumidori can easily be wielded by one hand and is considered to be one of the very best swords in Nippon. It's second name Hoemaru, or Howler, is attributed to the fact that sword appears to howl like wind when is swung. One of Daemon's favorite weapons, and one he most often uses to battle.

Dojikiri Yasutsuna - A crimson red Tachi, crafted from Dragon Steel over a thousand years ago and one that has been soaked in so much of demonic blood, that it's blade turned crimson like blood. Legendary and fabled sword of a Demon Slayer Minamoto no Yorimitsu, it is fabled as the sword that killed one of the greatest demons in history of Nippon, Shuten Doji, having earned the name of "Doji Cutter", but before it was also known as Chisui, or Bloodsucker, due to it's appearance. Dojikiri is lighter than it appears, and is deadly sharp, able to split hair into two without any effort, and is also deadly for most demons, as noted that it makes them shake in fear, likely sensing the nature and power of this weapon. Another one of Daemon's favorite weapons, often used in pair with Usumidori

Sohayamaru - Previously known as Onimaru Muramasa, this sword was created from the remnants of Onimaru, and Daemon's Guardian Spirit Sohaya, who sacrificed itself to create a weapon capable of destroying the Avatar of Amatsu-Mikaboshi, also known as The Great Other. The blade is a straight, double edged, glowing in many colors, most often fiery gold and emits strong heat, that easily melts snows and eyes, being able to drive away any dark magic, with the undead and demons not being able to stand it's presence. Sohayamaru also possesses the ability to heal and restore those that wield it, even from the deadly injuries and effectively making it's wielder immortal, and also being able to revive others with it's own power. Red Priests that have seen it, along with other Sorcerers, believe that Sohayamaru is the new Lightbringer.

Blackfyre - House Targaryen's ancestral Valyrian Sword, which was taken by the Great Bastard Daemon Blackfyre and was used by him and his descendants in Blackfyre Rebellions. Daemon claimed the sword as a reward for slaying Robert Baratheon and breaking his siege of Volantis, though he himself never used the sword and simply took it to return to his family.

White Chidori Cross Yari - A spear with a cross shaped spearhead, with a pale white handle, made out of Weirwood that grows in Mino Province. The shape and size of the spear and it's blade make it an excellent fit for sweeping attacks, but also thrusts and fight off riders. Upon it's handle is an inscription: "swift as wind, fierce as fire"

Yoshiie's Bow - An ancient longbow, made out of weirwood, which was said to belong to Minamoto no Yoshiie, a legendary samurai and archer, who was said to never miss his shot, with his arrows flying as if they never were effected by weather. Despite being an ancient weapon, it is in a splendid condition, with it's bowstring being made out of hemp of weirwood tree as well, giving it exceptional durability and power. Unlike most Nipponese Yumi bows, this bow is made in more western style, with equal distribution of curves, making it a little less effective on horseback, but on foot it is better suited than Yumi.

Quotes by Daemon

"Gods, Demons, Spirits, Yokai, Nigitama and Aratama- all these things are as real as you and I. Just cause there is something you don't believe in, doesn't me it can't be real. "
―Daemon Targaryen about Gods
"Prophets do like to omit one little detail- they don't give a damn about what said object of prophecy wants to do. Free will and ability to think with their own head is such pain in the ass for these people."
―Daemon Targaryen about prophets and prophecies.
"There are two things I can honestly say I fear the most: losing sight of what is truly dear to me, and becoming what my father wants me to be- a perfect little Promised Prince that he dreams of."
―Daemon about his fears
"Most call me mad, others reckless, and few call me friend. I myself think myself as an adventurer and one who likes to find out, what is and what can be."
―Daemon Targaryen about himself
"Out of all the Targaryens, I must be the only one who looks at this ugly thing and thinks: "Gods, please dont make me sit on it.""
―Daemon Targaryen when asked if he wants to be King of the Seven Kingdoms
"Robert Baratheon! I am Daemon Targaryen, son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, the woman you claimed to be yours and started a war over! You boast that no Targaryen can kill you, well I am here to put it to the test! Come and face me, or will you send your whores and arselickers first, instead of fighting me like a man?!"
―Daemon Targaryen challenging Robert Baratheon to a duel
"14 years have passed, and this place still reeks of piss, shit and rotten flesh. Quite symbolic..."
―Daemon Targaryen when he returned to King's Landing
Rhaenys: "And here I thought you would be happier to be back home, where you belong. Instead you look like you had to eat onions for weeks."
Daemon: "Sister dearest, I am as happy to be here, as you are when you have to put on a proper gown, instead of what your cousins like to wear in Dorne."
— Rhaenys and Daemon having a verbal fight
"Hah, and I thought you would actually be a threat. You aren't sorcerers or masters of mystiques, you are beggars and leeches, nothing more. You want a Dragon, I'll show you what a real Dragon is all about!"
―Daemon Targaryen to Undying Ones, before slaughtering them
Rhaegar: "Is there any way for you to make peace with your brother, Daemon? It has been over ten years now, it is time to let it go."
Daemon: "I'll make peace with him on two conditions: first he returns me my eye, and second is he apologizes to me for taking it by letting me claim his one as recompense."
— Rhaegar asking Daemon to make peace with Aegon
Aegon: "I am still waiting on my gift, brother. As a Crown Prince, I am entitled to it."
Daemon: "Then keep on waiting, Aegon, because I've given all the gifts I wanted, and I don't feel entitled to give anything more."
Aegon: "Then I shall take one of your swords as recompence for your insolence. Since father has Blackfyre, I shall have one of these blades."
Daemon: "You are welcome to them, if you are ready to lose your hands and a head for just one of them."
— Aegon demanding a gift from Daemon upon his return.
"Oberyn Martell, the fearsome Red Viper and supposedly the most dangerous man in all of Westeros. I've already tasted his venom and had his fangs sunk into me. Now I'm looking forward for payback."
―Daemon expressing his desire to kill Oberyn Martell
Daemon: "May I have this dance, my fair lady?"
Elia: "I had thought you wished to dance with the fairest lady of the tourney, Daemon."
Daemon: "And here I am asking her to dance with me. Rhaenys may be Queen of Love and Beauty, but she loses in fairness."
— Daemon asking Elia to dance with him
Oberyn: "You must be mad, to so openly claim me to have wished you death, nephew. I love Lyanna as if she is my own sister, and I would never..."
Daemon: "Let's dispense with the bullshit, Viper. If I wanted lies and honeyed words, I would've stayed in bed with your two daughters instead of coming here. But they were kind and loud enough to give me all the answers."
Oberyn: "You truly are mad, to so openly challenge me."
— Oberyn denying Daemon's accusations of poisoning him.
Daemon: "Your father had sent you here to either make your pawn, or to have Oberyn kill me, hadn't he? And yet you seem rather against their plans. Tell me, what do you, Arianne, want?"
Arianne: "To stop being a mere pawn in hands of my father, to rule Dorne as Princess should, and to have a husband who is my equal. But right now, I would settle on finding out if all those stories of your bedroom adventures are true... Shall you offer me wine, or will you take me like a Dragon?"
Daemon: "Ha ha, you do not mince words, Princess! I love a woman who knows what she wants, and I'll be happy to give you what you desire."
— Daemon Targaryen and Arianne Martell
Olenna: "Is there anything that you are actually afraid of, or nothing scares you?"
Daemon: "Growing old, decrepit and shriveled up akin to an old prune. You are the very embodiment of those fears, Lady Tyrell."
Olenna: "Fair enough. And let me tell you- it is even worse than it seems at first sight, trust me."
— Olenna Tyrell and Daemon Targaryen having a discussion

Quotes about Daemon

"The Demon is as mad as he is unpredictable."
―Oberyn Martell about Daemon Targaryen
"You thread where none dare follow, and face horrors that scare even the followers of the Lord of Light. His ways are not known to us, but I believe that you have a role to play in the incoming war. One way or the other, Daemon Targaryen, but you shall decide the fate of this world."
―Kinvara to Daemon Targaryen upon their meeting.
Varys: "My little birds sing, that this man who claims to be our dear late Prince Daemon rides a dragon the size of which dwarfs even Balerion the Black Dread. And is said to be the embodiment of God of War."
Aegon: "Yes, yes, and I am King Aegon I reborn. Lesser men and whores love to spin tall tales about those who pay them. Anything of actual worth about this imposter, Varys?"
Varys: "Only that it would appear Dothraki are fearful of this One-Eyed Dragon. Something to do with him slaying over fourty Bloodriders and four Khals, while on foot."
— Varys and Prince Aegon discussing Daemon Targaryen
"He is everything that Rhaegar is not, and all that Aegon and Viserys want to be and cannot- a Dragon in spirit and blood."
―Rhaella Targaryen about Daemon
"Even my little birds are unable to keep up with the young prince. One day he is in Qarth, slaughtering warlocks, and in another he is Volantis, dueling Robert Baratheon and killing him. Last I heard he was in Lys, attending a celebration of First Magister's nameday with said Magister's daughters. It is as he really does ride a dragon..."
―Varys about Daemon's adventures in Essos
"He hopped off of his dragon, walked in front of all of Golden Company and then challenged Robert Baratheon to a single combat, and then he won it, while on foot against Baratheon on horse. Hard to believe that this was the same shy sullen boy I took in as a squire."
―Ser Laenor Velaryon about Daemon
Lyanna: "Daemon... I couldn't even recognize him when I saw him, and when he spoke and moved, it was so different from the son I had. And the way he looked and spoke to me... It was like I was a complete stranger to him."
Elia: "He has been away for a long time, Lyanna. Be patient and take time to get to know him again. Daemon needs time to get used to having family again."
Lyanna: "Maybe, yet he seems so at ease with Queen Mother, like they've never been apart. And as for you... He kissed and hugged you akin to a son embracing his mother."
— Queens Lyanna and Elia discussing Daemon
"In him I see all that Aegon and I cannot be, and as much as it saddens me, it also scares me. He is one of those rare cases, where the coin landed in the middle, neither on it's head or tails. Brilliance and madness combined into one."
―Rhaegar Targaryen about Daemon
Arianne: "The One-Eyed Dragon... You wish for me to seduce him, father? I hear that he is even more voracious for maidens and ladies than Aegon, and that he always leaves them ravaged and wanting for more."
Doran: "Making him easy to conquer, which you shall accomplish. Make no mistake, Arianne: for the future of Dorne and Elia's children, we will either have to leash this Dragon or kill him. If you fail the former, Oberyn shall succeed in the latter."
Arianne: "Unless he leashes me up and kills you and Oberyn. I hear he has already Nymeria serving him like a good little girl, and all loyal to him. I wonder if he'll want the rest of the Snakes as pets too."
— Arianne and Doran Martell discussing Daemon
"A shame the Prince didn't take Demon's throat, instead of his eye."
―Jon Connington about Daemon
"A Dragon does not take advice from anyone he doesn't respect, nor does Daemon. Between his Dragon and him, I would say that Daemon is the fiercer one of the two. However, only a fool would think him mad like Aerys or a lustful fool like Aegon the Unworthy. He lives up to the reputation of his namesake, The Rogue Prince, and I pity any fool who crosses him."
―Maester Aemon about Daemon