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"You are either strong enough to keep your throne or someone else shall take your place. It is as simple as that. And as of tonight, I have finally achieved what so many Blackfyres failed at. I HAVE CLAIMED THE IRON THRONE!"
―Daemon to Joffrey and the people in the throne room.

King Daemon IV Blackfyre is the head of House Blackfyre and the first member of Daemon's line to sit the Iron Throne as the nineteenth King of the Seven Kingdoms.

Born to Daena Blackfyre, a fearsome warrior-woman and daughter of House Blackfyre, his father was a wealthy Lysene merchant prince by the name of Aelyx Nathareon. Due to the need of secrecy, he often uses his father's name as Daemon Nathareon. Daemon joined his ancestor's Golden Company at a young age and soon rose through the ranks and eventually succeeded Myles Toyne, a friend and mentor of his mother, as Captain-General of the company in 296 AC. Daemon greatly strengthened the company and its reputation, preparing to finally succeed where his ancestors failed. Along the way, he married the Valaena Rogare, daughter of Lysandro Rogare, who had similarly restored the fortunes of his own illustrious family. They have three children together - Rhaena, Daemon and Aegon.

Daemon got his chance to invade Westeros during the aftermath of the War of the Five Kings, where he managed to seize power from the Lannisters and take the throne.

He is the first of the new generation of dragonriders. His mount is the black dragon Nightfyre.

He styles himself as: Daemon of the House Blackfyre, the Fourth of His Name, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm.

Appearance and personality

Daemon is a tall and handsome man of thirty namedays with the classical Valyrian features of silver hair and dark purple eyes. He wears dark clothes. In battle, he bears a gold-plated armor with black and red features. The sword Blackfyre is usually strapped to his belt.

Daemon loves his family and dotes on all of his children. He is resolved to treat them all in the same way, regardless of sex, an attitude which is probably inspired by his mother. He is a proud, cautious and determined man. Daemon is noted to be a brilliant battle commander. He is charismatic and fearless in battle. While a ruthless man, he is determined to show ruthlessness only to those who deserve it or are a threat to him.

He hates the Targaryens as a rule, yet he couldn't help feeling compassion for Daenerys Targaryen after learning of the abuses she suffered from her brother.

He tends to come off as stern and serious and has a terrible sense of humor.


Early life

Before his birth, Daemon's grandfather, also named Daemon, led the Golden Company as its captain general until he was killed and his place usurped by a cousin - Maelys Blackfyre, called "the Monstrous". Daemon's young daughter Daena was saved by a loyal friend who hid her in Lys with other like-minded friends, who hated Maelys. After the War of the Ninepenny Kings, the Golden Company and these people were reconciled and reentered the company. Daena herself joined them and trained to become a warrior-woman, something at which she excelled at.

Daena eventually married a merchant prince and friend Aelyx Nathareon from Lys. Aelyx had grown enamored with her after she saved his life, while fighting for Lys and the two eventually married and had a child - Daemon, named after her father. The future king was born in the evening, when a massive storm developed around the Free city.

Daemon was raised with everything he could ask for, but he grew to admire his warrior mother and Blackfyre heritage, leading him to joining the company at an early age as squire to Myles Toyne, who would soon after become the next leader of the company. Toyne trained him with the sword and many other weapons and Daemon became a master warrior. He became widely acknowledged within the company as a great warrior and future leader.

In 291 AC, he met and fell in love with Valaena Rogare, daughter of Lysandro Rogare, who just like Daemon was restoring his illustrious lineage to prominence. Lysandro and Daemon formed a blood pact, where they would aid each other in such endeavors, sealed by the marriage between Valaena and Daemon. Their daughter and first child - Rhaena - was born within the year.


In 296 AC, Toyne died and Daemon succeeded him in the company as the new leader. By this point, he had become extremely popular with the men, many of whom saw in him the last chance to achieve their old dream - to take Westeros. He was elected without any opposition. Daemon greatly strengthened the company's power and influence. Under him, they became far more than a sellsword company - they became an elite army to be respected and feared. Daemon would cut an ear off from anyone caught badmouthing them. Their reputation was further strengthened when they were hired by Qohor to defend against a Dothraki horde and did so successfully.

Daemon discovered that Myles Toyne had signed a contract with Illyrio Mopatis, a Pentoshi magister, to help in his plot to install an allegedly surviving son of Rhaegar Targaryen to the Iron throne. The plot also involved Rhaegar's siblings, Viserys and Daenerys whom the magister eventually took in. Daemon had little desire to place anyone other than himself to the throne, but saw the plot as an opportunity to gather the three Targaryens, who would be a potential threats to his rule, and kill them more easily. In time however, the ever-changing plots of Mopatis began to anger Daemon and the rest of the company.

Season 1

Daemon is resting in his tent after the Golden Company's victory over Tyrosh in the Disputed Lands. He is wounded, but Qyburn, the company's healer, is confident of a swift recovery. Daemon receives a letter, in which he learns that Daenerys Targaryen is to marry Khal Drogo. He commands his lieutenants to begin preparation to move to Pentos.

The Golden Company makes camp outside the walls of the city, not far from the place, where Drogo's Khalasar is making theirs. The Pentoshi are noted to be grateful that the company is there as they feel safer.

Daemon meets Daenerys Targaryen by accident and learns that she is forced into the marriage and is terrified of her brother Viserys. Daemon takes pity on her and offers her to run away with the company, revealing himself as its leader. Due to her fear of her brother, Daenerys refuses.

The Blackfyre decides to ruin the Magister's plans and rescue the girl at the same time. He has Lysono Maar assassinate both Viserys and Khal Drogo just before the wedding, framing the exiled northerner Jorah Mormont as an assassin working for Robert Baratheon. Drogo's Khalasar breaks apart and most of them scatter. A warband, led by the newly minted Khal Pono, demands Drogo's bride to be for himself, else he would attack Pentos. The Golden Company crushes his forces and ultimately Daemon takes custody of Daenerys and the dragon eggs, satisfied that he has derailed the plan of Illyrio and Varys. Daemon intends to kill Mopatis and ends his schemes, but cannot find him. He takes as much wealth from the magister's house as he is able, considering it as "payment for all the headaches".

Both his wife and mother are surprised by Daemon's decision to take the Targaryen in, but Daemon is firm. He has his wife Valaena teach Daenerys how to defend herself with a dagger and use bows and arrows. Daenerys befriends Rhaena the easiest. An assassination attempt is made on his life, which is prevented by none other than Daenerys. He adopts her as a daughter and even his mother accepts her as part of the family. The assassin is revealed to be working for Varys. Furious at the threat against his family, Daemon burns the man alive. At Daenerys' suggestion, they place the dragon eggs in the fire and they hatch, bringing dragons back into the world.

Season 2

The black dragon, Nightfyre, has taken a liking to Daemon. The green one, Rhaegal, has taken a liking to Daenerys. The white one, Lightfyre, has taken a liking to Rhaena, Daemon's daughter. Daena isn't very happy that there is no dragon for her, but is ecstatic that they have dragons in their house. Daemon agrees that a greater boon there couldn't be and is happy that his mother accepts the Targaryen into their fold. The Golden Company travels towards Lys, where a contract is to be made for a scuffle with Tyrosh in the Disputed Lands. In truth, Daemon is procrastinating as he knows that the dragons are still vulnerable and they are little more than a liability at present. They grow fast but he is worried.

In Lys, Daemon reunites with his brother by marriage - Lysandro Rogare, who welcomes him warmly and congratulates him on his good fortune. Lysandro feasts with them and informs them of what is happening across the Narrow Sea - Robert Baratheon is dead. His brothers are fighting one another and against Robert's son, whom they claim is Jaime Lannister's bastard. Robb Stark has named himself King in the North. The War of the Five Kings. Daenerys thinks they should invade immediately, but Daemon shuts her off, saying that they need more resources and the right timing. He prefers to let all the sides weaken each other before they struck and adds that in the meantime the dragons can grow larger.

Behind the scenes, Tywin Lannister is aware of the danger posed by Daemon as well as who he really is. He allies with Lysandro's rivals in the city to massacre the Blackfyres, the Targaryen and the dragons. The plot is uncovered by Lysono and Daemon aids Lysandro in crushing it. With the Golden Company's backing and the support of his magister allies in the city, Lysandro Rogare names himself King of Lys.

Season 3

Having secured Lys for the Rogares, Daemon is pleased to hear of the goings-on in Westeros. The Battle of the Blackwater and the fall of Renly Baratheon. Nevertheless, the Tyrell-Lannister alliance displeased him and he decided that it was time for invading. His diplomatic overtures are answered, when Oberyn Martell travels to Lys in secret and arranges an alliance to be sealed by the marriage of Rhaena Blackfyre and Doran's heir Trystane. The latter's betrothal to Myrcella Baratheon, Oberyn says, will be cancelled and she would become a hostage of the Martells. Daemon is not too pleased to make his daughter a second fiddle but ultimately agrees to the match.

Daemon attacks Dragonstone and, using secret passages of which he had learned beforehand, manages to take it. Daemon reveals to his captives - Stannis, Shireen, Selyse, Davos, etc., that he had been planning his invasion for years and had spies on the island and in the capital. The Baratheons are put to the sword. Daemon officially crowns himself as King Daemon Blackfyre, Fourth of His Name.

Daemon exchanges messages with Robb Stark and forms an alliance with him to overthrow the Lannisters. The members of the Golden Company with families in the Reach connect with their relatives in Westeros and arrange the turning of several important houses from the Reach to the Blackfyre cause. Olenna Tyrell discovered this and secretly began plotting to ally with the Blackfyres in order to preserve the Tyrells.

Everything culminates in the Battle for King's Landing, where the Golden Company and the Starks attack King's Landing. With the inside assistance of Olenna and the turncloak Reachmen, one of the gates is opened and the city is stormed successfully. The city falls in the night. While Tyrion Lannister and his nephew Tommen manage to escape west, Cersei, Jaime and Tywin Lannister as well as Joffrey Baratheon are captured. Daemon has all of them executed and names seats himself upon the Iron Throne.

Season 4

Despite his victory, the realm is not yet at peace. Tyrion and his niece and nephew have holed up in the Rock, where Tyrion Lannister has proclaimed himself the Lord of Casterly Rock. Robb Stark's status is a concern as well. Ultimately, Daemon concedes to let him styles himself as King in the North for his lifetime and the matter of the North to be discussed after Robb's death. In part, this is to give time for the North's mislike of the South to recede, but Daemon also want to have his dragons grow by the time this happens. The Riverlands swear for the Iron Throne, with Robb agreeing to it, knowing well he cannot truly keep them.

The Reach is a more debated land. Some of his men with Reach origins expected for the Tyrells to be deposed but Olenna's move saved them and Daemon would not punish someone who aided them. Nevertheless, he demanded for several of the Golden Company Reachmen to receive lands and titles there. Daemon also promises to arrange a good match for Margaery and a Tyrell bride for his eldest son Daemon the Younger.

The rest of the nobles from the company are given castles throughout Westeros' recently vacated ones. Among the lucky ones are Young John Mudd, granted Darry, as well as Ser John Lothston who is granted Harrenhal.

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8


Quotes by Daemon

"Putting the word 'rightful' in front of it makes it known you are not the king. Better not use it all."
―Daemon to Viserys Targaryen
"I will call myself king when I take a kingdom. Or seven."
―Daemon to Qyburn
"We did not survive so long in exile by having weak men and women in our house. We are all strong. We are survivors. And naturally, we shall outlive our foes."
―Daemon to his wife
"You want to know my lineage, Lady Olenna? Alright, let's see. My mother is Daena Blackfyre, whose swordsmanship is as sharp as your tongue. I am named after her father, Damon who was killed by his cousin, my great-grandfather's younger brother's son, Maelys, known since as the Monstrous. And all the way back to the first Daemon. Any questions?"
―Daemon to Olenna Tyrell.

Quotes about Daemon

"Now this one looks like a king. Pity he is married."
―Olenna on Daemon
"This man is dangerous."
―Robb Stark's thoughts on first seeing Daemon.
"You do not understand, my lord. Daemon has been planning meticulously for years, strengthening his forces and making or plotting alliances. He will win. The question is what happens after."
―Varys to Tyrion