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"You are a good lad, but one day there comes a moment when you must protect this House, when I'm gone."
Garth Dragen

Coren Brewlan is a recurring character in the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons. Coren Brewlan was Lord Garth Dragen's squire, but has since been given to Lord Lucius Dragen. After Lucius was exiled, he has been knighted.

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Lord: Lord Ethan Dragen Heir: Warron Dragen
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Seat: Snake Mount Lands: The North
Title(s): Lord of Snake Mount · Lord Defender of the North · Blooded King (pre-War of Conquest)
Ancestors: Evan Dragen · Darron Dragen · Melina I Dragen · Jon Dragen · Veron Dragen · Tregar Dragen · Anthor Dragen
Current members: Alise Dragen · Mira Dragen · Domeric Dragen · Larinna Dragen · Anaya Dragen · Jaran Dragen · Kenden Dragen · Arrena Storm · Merei Whitesnow · Melina Dragen ·
Deceased members: Garth Dragen · Harkon Dragen · Erik Dragen · Lucius Dragen
Household: Duncan Catell · Maester Vahaelor · Coren Brewlan · {Joriff Snow} · Rylen Mollen (hostage) · Grond · Noro · Drayro Tollo · Maut · Ontley
Overlord: House Stark