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"He's one of the most feared reavers in all of the Iron Islands. I wouldn't wish a fight against the Reaper of Harlaw on my worst enemy."
―A Dragen soldier's opinion of Caspus Harlaw.[src]

Lord Caspus Harlaw, often called Cass, and also popularly known as The Reaper of Harlaw or simply The Reaper, is a major character in the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons, and was previously a recurring character in the second season. He is the current head of House Harlaw of Harlaw (one of the islands that makes up the Iron Islands), which also makes him the Lord Defender of the Iron Islands, the youngest person in the Seven Kingdoms to hold the title. He also serves as the Lord Commander of House Harlaw's personal fleet of warships, the Silver Fleet, commanding the fleet from his personal flagship, the Reaper's Bounty, which is named after him.

He is also frequently called Caspus Ironfist or Caspus Ironhands, due to a long-standing rumor that he that once underwent an extremely complicated procedure to have the bones in his hands replaced with iron to enable him to use nothing but his bare hands in battle, which he often does (though he still often uses conventional weapons.) It is unknown if this rumor is true, but he has been described as being able to break bones with a single punch.


Season 2

Caspus is summoned to Pyke by his uncle Balon Greyjoy, who has once again declared himself King of the Iron Islands and has declared open rebellion against the Iron Throne. It is here that Caspus also reconnects with his cousin Theon for the first time since the end of the Greyjoy Rebellion nearly nine years previously, and greets him more favorably than Balon or Yara. Balon instructs Caspus to take a number of ships from the Silver Fleet and lay siege to the fortress of Snake Mount. Like Balon and Yara, Caspus questions Theon about his seemingly conflicted loyalties between his family and Robb Stark, though not as harshly as Balon or Yara; he even admonishes Balon for slapping Theon. He is later present when Theon reaffirms his faith in the Drowned God and is baptized.

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6


Caspus is a ferocious warrior and has been described as one of the best fighters in the Iron Islands, and firmly believes that the Old Way is the right way and the only way. Though he has been described as hard as most ironborn personality-wise, when it comes to family, he is incredibly caring and fiercely protective.

He notably has a very close relationship with his cousin Yara, going so far as to describe her as a surrogate sister. This is demonstrated further when Caspus names Yara the godmother of his newborn son Harren.



  • Caspus was only intended to be a recurring character in a couple of seasons, but the popularity of the character in Season 2 led to him begin made a starring character.
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