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“The North has been dormant and stagnant for far too long, it is long past time that we showed all of Westeros our true strength and might, when they speak of the North, they will speak with awe, fear and respect.” - Brandon Stark

Emperor Brandon I Stark also known as Brandon the Great Wolf and formerly known as Brandon Snow is the legitimised bastard son of Brandon Stark and Lady Ashara Dayne. He is the Head of House Stark, Lord of Winterfell, Emperor of the Northern Realms, King of the North, the Iron Islands, the Riverlands and the Vale, Defender of the Old Way and Grand Master of the Knights of Winter.

Born the bastard son of Brandon Stark and Lady Ashara Dayne, Brandon named after his father was conceived at the Tourney of Harrenhal and was birthed at his mother’s ancestral home of Starfall which resulted in her death. Now parentless, he was adopted by his uncle Lord Eddard Stark whom requested of the victorious King Rhaegar I Targaryen to be legitimised as a Stark seeing as how the child was his elder brother’s son and in Eddard’s mind the true heir to the North.

Brandon displayed abnormal intelligence growing up as a child, being able to walk after seven months and fully capable of speech by two years. At the age of ten years he displayed all the makings of a prominent and superb lord. He completely transformed the North by investing in substantial trade with the South and across the Narrow Sea to Braavos, as well as ordering his labours to mine in the northern mountains which for centuries unknowing contained tons worth of gems and gold which he used to turn the North and his family into the wealthiest of the Seven Kingdoms even surpassing House Lannister and the Westerlands.

His true first show of supremacy came during the Greyjoy Rebellion when Lord Balon Greyjoy invaded the North, Brandon at only ten years old with his reformed and powerful army and new fleet in turn invaded the Iron Islands and resulted in the brutal and bloody Sack of Pyke ending with the extinction of House Greyjoy. Now leaderless, the Ironborn surrendered to Brandon who offered to King Rhaegar that he would rule over the Islands to ensure no further trouble from the Ironborn installing his uncle Lord Benjen Stark as the Lord Regent of the Irons Islands.

The South were now threatened by the North’s newfound prowess and prestige fearing the Northerners would become even more powerful as they progressed. Due to the manipulations of threatened and paranoid Southern lords, both House Tully and House Arryn declared war on Brandon on the suspicion of murdering Lord Jon Arryn, the Vale and Riverlands suffered the same fate as the Iron Islands, with their liege lords dead, their lands deseracted and their armies practically destroyed and finally surrendering to House Stark.

With the entirety of the northernmost of Westeros now in House Stark’s grasp, Brandon declared himself the first Emperor that Westeros had ever seen claiming all the lands he conquered as his dominion. The South was outraged and greatly fearful that the North would invade their lands, but Brandon negotiated with King Rhaegar that given his demands would be met, the rest of Westeros had nothing to fear from the Northerners, despite being greatly reluctant having lost three of his kingdoms to the North, Rhaegar agreed to Brandon’s demands and thus the Empire of the Wolf was established.

Appearance and Character

Brandon is a handsome young man with the strength and charisma of his father yet the beauty and charm of his mother, with long black curly hair traditional of the Starks yet his violet eyes depicting his descent from House Dayne.

His family and the maesters to this day are completely baffled at how fast Brandon progressed as a child being able to walk and talk at so young an age unlike any other toddler in history many people in the North claimed it was a sign from the Old Gods that he would grow into a righteous and powerful leader.

Brandon displayed keen intelligence as a young boy, investing himself in the learning of all the histories of Westeros from the Dawn Age to the Usurper’s War. He shown great promise as a swordsman and warrior under the tutelage of Ser Rodrik Cassel the Master-at-arms of Winterfell defeating boys in practice melees five years his elder at the age of nine. He also demanded to be involved in the ruling of the North alongside his uncle Eddard Stark who served as temporary Lord Regent until Brandon came of age.

Brandon is loving and caring to his family, stern and unforgiving to his rivals and brutal and oftentimes cruel to his enemies, Brandon has been remarked by the Northerners as a true King of Winter


Brandon was born the bastard son of Brandon Stark, heir of Lord Rickard Stark and Winterfell and the Lady Ashara Dayne when the two made love at the Tourney of Harrenhal after a mutual attraction to one another