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"Behold, Blackgard. The King's Landing of the east."
―Dyron Blackgard

Blackgard, (Wastelandic: V.svgE.svgD.svgH.svgIi.svgM.svg Ved-Hiim, "Black-City") (Valyrian: se Zōbrie Oktion, "the Black City"), also known as the Black City is the second largest city in the Seven Kingdoms, and by far one of the oldest major cities on the continent, dating back to the time of the First Men. It serves as the Borderlands' capital. Blackgard is ruled by House Blackgard. Blackgard is home to Ebonheart, the seat of House Blackgard.


Blackgard was originally built by the Children of the Forest, approximately 10,000 years ago. During their war with the First Men, they lost Blackgard to the humans who began occupying the Borderlands.

Blackgard was originally built as a small fortress located on an island in the Borderlands. After the First Men conquered the castle, Blackgard was expanded over the centuries into a thriving city.

Blackgard became the seat of the rulers of The Borderlands, House Blackgard, for millennia. Blackgard has known at least eight wars since the Blackgards were in control; The First Border Wars, the Second Border Wars, the Third Border Wars, the War of Succession, the Fourth Border Wars, the Fifth Border Wars, the Sixth Border Wars (the Borderlands Conflict) and the War of the Three Banners.

The location of Blackgard on a map of Westeros.

Notable locations within the city

The Elder Tower

The Elder Tower, sometimes referred to as the Tower of Ancients, is the oldest (and also the largest) structure in Blackgard, and originally the sole fortress built by the Children of the Forest as a minor stronghold in the Borderlands.


The seat of House Blackgard, Ebonheart was built by the Men of the Black which functioned as Asterion the Black's home. Ebonheart is the one of the biggest structures in Blackgard, and also one of the oldest.

Warriors Guild

The warriors guild is a bordermen fighters clan. The warriors guild are the remnants of the former Men of the Black.

The Border Gate

The Border Gate is a massive steel gate which functions as Blackgard's entrance. The Border Gate was built shortly after Fourth Border Wars.

The Warrens

The Warrens are the slums of Blackgard, where the poor and sick live. The Warrens are located on the outer sections of the city, just after you pass through the Border Gate. Lord Trevyr Blackgard has tried to improve the living conditions in the Warrens, without any success.

The Bronze District

The Bronze District are populated by the commonfolk of Blackgard, who stand above the smallfolk and the poor. The Bronze District is located one section higher than the Warrens.

The Golden District

The Golden District is the district where the rich and noblemen live. This district is located one section above the Bronze District.

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