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The Jagged Crown as it appears in the show, created for Althurin the First.

The Black Emperor (feminine equivalent being Black Empress), formerly the Black King of Ebonheart is the ruler of the Wastelandic Empire and the head ofHouse Blackgard of Sunhold. Following the Massacre at Ebonheart, Steffon Blackgard, Trevyr Blackgard's grandson and the killer and nephew Lord Eddin Blackgard, crowned himself the Black King and declared the Borderlands a sovereign state, ruling from the grand palace of Ebonheart. Following the Great Council of 305 AC, Emeric Blackgard reformed the title as he conquered the Free Cities.

Traditionally, the Black King of Ebonheart sits on the Ebony Throne and wears the Jagged Crown. The crown is made out of ebony and has a jagged top, hence the name.

Known Black Kings/Emperors

Image Shield Name Reign Relationship with Predecessor(s) Marriage(s)
King Steffon masked.jpg Althurin-Personal-Main-Shield.PNG Althurin I, the Faceless 304 AC • None - nephew of Lord Eddin Blackgard the ruler of the Borderlands before him. Meryanne Heartley and Lyessa Blackgard
2 children
Ferdia Walsh-Peelo as Emperor Emeric.jpg Norokin-Personal-Main-Shield.PNG Norokin I, the Conqueror 305 AC • Son of King Althurin I None