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Artyr Stark (The Wolven Storm Chronicles)
Biographical information
Status Alive
Born 284 AC
Political information
Allegiance House Stark (By Birth)

The North

House Mormont (By Marriage)

House Targaryen (By Pledge, Formerly)

House Martell (By Marriage)
Personal information
Also known as Artyr Of The North
Culture Northmen
Religion Old God's Of The Forest (By Birth) Faith Of The Seven
Father Eddard "Ned" Stark
Mother Catelyn Stark
Spouse(s) Dacey Mormont (In Secret, Deceased)

Arianne Martell (Second Wife, Alive)

Myranda Royce (Betrothed, Formerly)
Children {Unborn Child} (Killed In he Womb)

Rickon I Stark (Son, Alive)

Jeor Stark (Son, Alive)

Dacey Stark (Daughter, Alive)

Torrhen Karstark (Son, Alive)

Braocken Snow (Bastard Son, Alive)
Siblings Robb Stark (Elder Brother, Deceased)

Sansa Stark (Younger Twin Sister/Former Lover, Alive)

Arya Stark (Younger Sister, Alive)

Bran Stark (Younger Brother, Deceased)

Rickon Stark (Youngest Brother, Deceased)

Jon Snow (Bastard Cousin Raised As Brother, Alive)
Behind the scenes information
First seen Winter Is Coming
Portrayed by John Arnix

King Artyr Stark Is The Second Son Of Eddard Stark and and Catelyn Tully, and The Elder Twin Brother Of Sansa Stark and Her Former Lover. Raised As The king In The North Following His Elder Sibling Robb's Death, Artyr Would Wage A Guerilla War Against The Lannister's, Frey's, and Bolton's. He Later Bent The Knee Begrudgingly To House Targaryen, Before Rising In Rebellion. He Would Later Have Five Children By His Wife Arianne Of House Martell, and A Bastard Son Named Braocken Snow Who Was Born Of His Incestuous Affair With His Twin Sister Sansa Stark.

Appearance and General Character

In Literal Stark Contrast To His Younger Twin Sansa, Artyr Had Little Tully Traits, and Like His Brother's and Youngest Sister Arya, Had Predominantly Stark Traits. Artyr's Bond With His Sister Was Extremely Close, One That Caused Concerns Of Incestuous Affection, Which Had Been True. Before His Fostering, Artyr Valued Sansa's Happiness and Well Being Above All Others. Upon His Return, Artyr Had Notably Matured and Had A Coldness To Him, A Coldness Brought About By His Mother, With Whom He Never Reconciled His Relationship With.

At The Start Of The Series His Relationship With Sansa Has Reignited, But Sansa Is Notably Resistant To Their Deep Affection, With Her Choosing Joffery Over Him, and Thus Causing a Schism Between The Twins, One That Would Haunt Artyr For Years To Come. When His Father Is Executed For False Treason, Artyr's Determination To Save Sansa Rides Off Trying To Liberate His Twin.

During The War Of The Five Kings, Artyr Falls Mutually In Love With Dacey Mormont, and Marries Her In Secret In Protest Of His Mother and Brother Not Allowing Him To Choose The Woman He Chose For His Bride As His Bride. Showing That He Is As Rebellious and Strong Willed As His Youngest Sister and Late Uncle. However When She Is Killed and Their Child With Her, Artyr Journeys To Dorne Where He Seduces Arianne Martell and Takes Her To Wife, Thus Acquiring Dorne's Forces To His Growing Army. From Arianne, Artyr Becomes Deceptive, Slightly Treacherous, and Extremely Talented In Bed.

Artyr Was Known To Frequent Brothels In Order To Cope With Stressful Situations, and This Was Often A Point Of Issue With His Mother, Who Feared He'd Sire Bastards. He Was Also Quite Blunt and Easily Offended, As He Killed A Dozen Lannister Soldiers For Insulting His Favorite Whore, and Demanded His Mother Apologise For Various Things That Had Happened As A Result Of Her Actions With A Marriage Between Two Maidens Of His Selection.



A Skilled Swordsman, Lancer, and Rider, Artyr Was Unmatched In Many Forms Of Combat, and Was Known To Fight With Twin Blades, A Rare Form So Far North. He Was Known To Wield His Twin Swords, Wintersbane and Wintersthorn, Blades Of Valyrian Steel.




Poisons and Medicine



Early Life and History

As The Second Son Of Lord Eddard and Catelyn Tully, and Elder Twin To The Beautiful Sansa, Much Was Placed Upon Artyr, Who Was Fostered Away At Riverrun After His Mother Caught Him and Sansa Kissing Not Like Brother and Sansa.


Fostered At His Maternal Ancestral Seat, He Grew To Have A Particularly Low Opinion Of His Uncle Edmure, and A Glowingly High One Of His Great-Uncle Brynden, From Whom Artyr Acquired Several Personality Traits.

Season 1

Winter Is Coming

On The Eve Of Jon Arryn's Death, Artyr Is Fourteen and Has Received A Knighthood, Making Him The Youngest To Ever Receive A Knighthood In The History Of The Seven Kingdoms. Artyr Received His Knighthood From His Great Uncle Brynden, and In Honor Of His Uncle, Took A Black Direwolf Banner Quartered Three Ways With The Stark Sigil, The Tully Sigil, and His Great Uncles Sigil As His Own.

During The Execution Of Gared, A Night's Watch Deserter, The Stark Party Encounters A Dead Direwolf Who Had A Litter Of Pups Totalling In Seven. The One Which Artyr Adopted For Himself Was A Black Wolf He Named Balerion, For The Dragon Of Aegon The Conqueror. His Wolf Pup Was Naturally Close To Sansa's Pup Of Lady.

Before The King's Visit, He Has Received A Large Number Of Marriage Contracts From Several Northern, Riverlands, Vale, and Reach Houses, Including But Not Limited To Houses Karstark, Mormont, Forrester, Manderly, and Glover Of The North, Houses Frey, Blackwood, Bracken, and Mallister Of The Riverlands, Houses Royce and Waynawood Of The Vale, Houses Hightower, Redwyne, Tarly, and Tyrell From The Reach. Unknown To Artyr, His Mother Has Been Working To Arrange A Match Between Himself and Either Myranda Royce, Alla Tyrell, Desmera Redwyne, Or Lord Blackwood's Only Daughter.

Artyr Is Busy Cleaning His Valyrian Steel Dual Sword While Bran Practices Archery, Remaining Stoic and Ignoring His Brother's Shooting Failures. When Arya Shoots Bran's Target, Artyr Has Since Left The Courtyard To Go To The Brothel At Moles Town.

Redheaded Liaison

As A Frequent Client Of The Redhead Ros, Artyr Is Noted For His Ability To Pleasure A Woman Enough That She Refuses His Coin, Such Things He Reserves Only For Ros. He Is In The Middle Of Peaking When His Brother Jon Shows Up, Bearing A Message From Lady Catelyn.

Outraged and Enraged

Artyr Was Furious To Learn His Mother Had Gone Behind His Back To Promote A Marriage With Some House and Some Girl He Didn't Know, and Soon Found Himself Abed With Dacey Mormont, Albeit Too Drunk To Remember It Later On. Dacey For Her Part Enjoyed His Company, and Made Plans To Continue At A Later Date.

Lions and Wolves In The Brothel

Still Furious With His Mother, Artyr Spent The Time Of The King's Arrival At The Brothel, and Was Even More Frustrated To Learn Ros Was With Tyrion Lannister. He Came To Blows With The Lannister Soldiers, and Killed A Dozen Of Them Before Riding Back To Winterfell. His Stir Up Of Battle Would Earn Him The Title Of The Ravenous Wolf, Allegedly For His Sexual Appetit As Much As His Ferocity.

Smitten With A Lioness and She-Bear

Upon His Return From The Brothel, He Was Berated By His Mother, Who Had Not Only Learned Of Her Son's Frequent Trips and Whoring, But Of His Skirmish With The Lannister Soldiers, It Was During This Rant, That Artyr Spied Myrcella Baratheon and Became Smitten With Her, Before Spying Dacey Mormont and Becoming Equally Smitten With Her.

Unapologetic To His Mother, As She Had Been Chiefly Responsible For The Skirmish In The First Place For Going Behind His Back In The First Place, and Demanded An Apology By Way Of A Marriage Of His Choice, One To Either Princess Myrcella Or Dacey Mormont. Taken Aback By Her Son's Demands, Catelyn Slapped Him and Left. The Whole Affair Had Been Witnessed By Both Myrcella and Dacey, Albeit When The Two Were Not Together, and Had Been Heard By Both.

Son Of The Hand

When Eddard Stark Accepts Robert Baratheon's Offer Of The Handship, He Chose To Take Artyr To Court With Him, But Artyr Possessed An Extreme Dislike For The Crown Prince and Though Loath To Allow Sansa To Marry Him, He Had Little Choice When Sansa Rebuffed Him and Declared Her Love and Loyalty For The Little Lannister Blonde Shit. Filled With An Intense Hate For Joffery, Artyr Causes A Large Enough Incident To Be Sent Back To Winterfell.