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"Arthur Blackgard ascended to lordship at the age of five, and died at his 112th year, making him the youngest, and oldest, lord of House Blackgard"
Trevyr Blackgard[src]

Lord Arthur Blackgard is a character mentioned in the fifth season episode "The House of Black and White". He is long dead by the time of the series. Arthur was a lord and ancestor of House Blackgard.



Arthur Blackgard is remembered by House Blackgard since he was chosen as Lord of Ebonheart at the age of 5, and died at the age of 112, making him the youngest - and oldest - Lord of Ebonheart in history. He reigned for more than 107 years.[1]

Concurrently, it is also believed that Arthur was born from incest.[2]

Season 5

Eddin Blackgard glares at a statue of Arthur in the Hall of Lords, and explains to Elen Tarth his remarkable story.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Arthur Blackgard was elected Lord of Ebonheart at age five, and died at the age of one-hundred-and-twelve, making him the youngest and oldest Lord of Ebonheart in history.

Eddin Blackgard specifically brings up the example of Arthur Blackgard to point out that in the centuries-long history of House Blackgard, even boys can become lords.

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