Archsepton is a religious title in the Seven Kingdoms. Archseptons act as the supreme spiritual leaders for their region. Archseptons are knowledgeable and practiced in all religious beliefs practiced in the Seven Kingdoms, though they still answer exclusively to the High Septon.

In the hierarchy of the Faith of the Seven, Archseptons rank only belown the High Septon himself.

Every constituent region of the Westeros has an Archsepton, with the exception of the Crownlands, in which the High Septon fulfills this position. The Archsepton is nominated by the ruler of a particular territory, but can only be approved by the High Septon.

List of Current Archseptons

  • Archsepton of the North: Redmond
  • Archsepton of Dorne:
  • Archsepton of the Stormlands: Kardran
  • Archsepton of the Reach:
  • Archsepton of the Vale:
  • Archsepton of the Riverlands: Sevarius
  • Archsepton of the Iron Islands:
  • Archsepton of the Borderlands: Harrion
  • Archsepton of the Westerlands: Voren
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