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Anaya Dragen, née Berrow, is a recurring character in the fourth season. She is the third child and only daughter of Lord Wylos Berrow. She is married to Erikar Dragen and is the mother of Kenden Dragen.


Anaya spent most of her childhood in Holthall as her brothers Andon and Rickon were sent off to squire for Northern knights. When she was around 16 years of age she was married to Erik Dragen, and sent to the castle of Snake Mount. A few years later she gave birth to Erik's first son, Kenden.

Season 6

Anaya is with her husband and son when Vurus comes with news that Ser Ethan Snow. Erikar, fearing what Lucius will do to Anaya and Kenden, sends them south to an unknown place.

He and Vurus speak for a while, before Erik finally sacrifices himself to revive Ethan Snow.