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Ser Alliser Thorne is the the 999th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, following the assassination of Lord Commander Jon Snow. He is a major villain in RP: Season 6.


After killing Jon Snow, Ser Alliser became the new Lord Commander of the Night's watch. He was a dictator of a ruler who did not like anyone questioning his leadership. He was planning on killing all of the Wildlings who Jon let pass through the Wall, but his plan wasn't started before the beginning of RP: Season 6. Most Night's Watch members agreed that Jon was a traitor. The ones who didn't were put to the sword or arrested. Martyn was one such person who was a friend of Jon Snow. When he saw his Lord Commander get killed, he was shocked leading to Ser Alliser arresting him. Later Ser Alliser confronted Satin and Willias, two Night's Watchmen who were loyal to Jon Snow. A fight broke out between them and Ser Alliser's men, leaving all of Ser Alliser's men dead. Satin shot Ser Alliser in the foot and Willias was able to disarm him soon after.

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