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"There comes Alexander Belverry, the first son of Lucius Belverry. He is known all over Westeros for his good looks and incomparable charm. But also for having sex with men."

Tywin Lannister to Cercei Lannister

Alexander Belverry, also nicknamed The chatty Blackbird, is a supporting character in the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth Season of Game of Thrones. He is the firstborn son of Lucius Belverry. He was a member of the Small Council under Tommen Baratheon as the Master of Laws. He is very gifted with daggers and he has a good command of 7 languages, including Valyrian and Dotharik.

He's played by Alexander Vlahos.


Early Life

Alexander was born in Hedgerowstone, as the second child of Lucius Belverry and Linda Tarly. At first he grew up with his older sister Katharine in Hedgerowstone. Two years later, his little brother Richard joined them. The three of them led a carefree life in Hedgerowstone Castle. Alexander also liked to visit the villages of the Hedgerowstone Valley. He inquired about the problems of the people and was very popular with the people of the valley.

Very early on, Lucius recognized that his son was not made to rule but rather to advise. The people loved him, so that he could be of greater help to his sister as a man of the people. Because of this, he was placed second in the heir to the throne. Every child in the Belverry family can choose a weapon in which they are trained to use it. Alexander chose daggers. His teacher was Ser Yllwin Caswell, which is why he is excellent at handling daggers. He also had a deep friendship with Will Cohen, son of Ser Lermond Cohen, Commander of the Hedgerowstone Army. A love relationship later developed from this friendship.

He is also often called "The chatty Blackbird", because if he learns something, all of Westeros knows it within a day.

Season IV

Alexander appears for the first time in the episode "Two Swords" in which Alexander with his mother Linda and his siblings Katharine and Richard in King's Landing arrive. They are greeted by Tyrion Lannister and Podrick Payne. Tyrion kisses Lindas, Katharines and his hand, which alludes to the fact that he is a bit feminine. His bodyguard, Will Cohen, is there too. Tyrion talks a little with Linda and asks where Lord Lucius is. Alexander tells Tyrion that his father is busy with too many administrative tasks and is therefore unable to attend. Tyrion orders the servants to take the family's luggage to the rooms. Linda and Richard go ahead while Alexander whispers with his sister. Shortly afterwards they walk past Podrick, giggling, alluding to the fact that they have heard about the erotic events in Petyr Baelish's brothel.

Later, Tyrion converses with Oberyn Martell in the gardens of the Red Keep. They talk about Oberyn's act of revenge for his sister Elia. They walk past a large fountain where Alexander is sitting with some ladies of the court, talking about the latest fashion trends and the wedding of Margaery and Joffrey. Oberyn remarks that he could imagine spending the night with him.

At the royal couple's morning breakfast, the Belverry family, including Alexander, present the couple with a wooden and golden chest containing candied grapes. Joffrey tries one and it actually tastes very good. He thanks the family and they move on. Shortly afterwards Linda, Katharine and Alexander are chatting with Lady Olenna.

Just before the wedding ceremony, Tyrion talks to Alexander. The conversation is about the wedding. Alexander talks about Margaery, that she is like a sister to him and his sister and that he, or rather his brother, will kill Joffrey if he harms her.

Alexander attends the ceremony with his family. Later, at the banquet, the family sits next to the Tyrells. At the theatrical performance of the War of the Five Kings, the whole Belverry family looks more outraged than delighted. Alexander talks to Jaime and complains that Joffrey is a cruel little child who has been given a kingdom. Jaime agrees with him, shocked. Afterwards, Alexander's mother Linda leaves the wedding. Later, after the death of King Joffrey, Cersei calls Alexander to the Small Council as Master of Laws. He's next seen is when he and his family take part in the coronation ceremony of Tommen Baratheon.

As promised, Alexander is the defense attorney for Tyrion at the trial. At the first witness, Meryn Trant, Alexander tears up his testimony so that he pleads that the testimony is untrue and Tywin Lannister agrees. At Grandmaester Pycelle, he also questions the statement that Pycelle pretends that a poison was stolen from him on a day when Tyrion was not near the Red Keep. However, when he hears Cercei's testimony, Alexander does not dare to say anything. Alexander has no questions to Lord Varys what he confirmed to Lord Tywin when he asked him. During the break, Tywin, Jaime and Alexander talk and they negotiate a deal that everyone involved agrees to. Shortly afterwards, Jaime and Alexander inform him about the deal. At the last witness, Shae, Alexander wants to ask a question but is interrupted by Tyrion, who confesses and wants a verdict through a fight. Alexander wants to talk to him but is pushed away by the King's Guard.

Alexander and his siblings are present at the judgment through a fight. After Oberyn's death and the felling of the judgment Alexander's Parents Linda and Lucius leaf King's Landing while he and his siblings remain.

Season V

In season 5 he is seen for the first time in "The House of Black and White". There he takes part in the meeting of the small council. He is present during the discussion between Cercei and Kevan. When Cercei leaves, Alexander follows her and they have a conversation about Tommen's wedding and Kevan not being allowed to deal with such a lady. This statement pleases Cercei and Alexander leaves her. Alexander attends Tommen and Margaery's wedding with his whole family. Later we see him talking to a couple of ladies-in-waiting.

Physical Appearance

Alexander has a normal head shape. He has long, darkbrow hair and dark eyes. He has a slim, tall figure. He is very fashionable, which can be seen in his expensive outfits made of the finest silk or brocade.


He is a very friendly and helpful character. He is also known throughout Westeros for his mouth, because when he learns something, everyone in Westeros knows it within one. Like his mothers, he is a bit sneaky and very good at lying.


"Do you know that my father is a person who almost never forgives? And that is your problem."

Alexander Belverry to Daenerys Targaryen