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"The cold worries me not. I am, after all, the Lord of Winter."
―Alaric to Cersei Lannister

Lord Alaric Stark is the Lord of Winterfell, Lord Paramount and Warden of the North. He succeeded his father Rickard Stark, after he and his older brother Brandon were murdered by Aerys II Targaryen. He has two living siblings - Eddard and Benjen Stark. He has a sister - Lyanna, who died in Robert's Rebellion.

Appearance and personality

Alaric is a handsome man with black heir, grey eyes and a short beard. He typically dresses in dark clothing.

He is a calm and intelligent man. He loves his wife and children. He also loves his siblings, although according to Ned it was Lyanna who was his favorite. He bears little love for his brother Brandon and according to him, named his heir the same way in an effort to "erase Brandon's memory".

Alaric is well respected in the North, considered a just and fierce lord.

Alaric has an unnatural immunity to the cold. Even in winter, he would not overdress and still feel no cold. According to his wife Catelyn, Alaric is always warm to the touch.


Early life

He and his twin brother, Eddard Stark, were born in 263 AC.

While he was not expected to be the heir to Winterfell, Alaric proved himself an intelligent man and thus his father's favorite. He travelled all over the North, got to know the land and discovered untapped silver and iron mines in the Northern Mountains. According to Alaric, he fell down a cavern and almost broke his leg, where he made this discovery.

His older brother Brandon was a reckless man and rumors arose that Rickard intended to disinherit him in favor of Alaric, yet all that came of it was to drive a wedge between the two brothers, who never truly reconciled.

Alaric disapproved of Lyanna's match to Robert Baratheon since he was angry with his father for arranging the betrothal without even consulting their sister. Alaric himself was planned to be betrothed to marry a sister of Lord Yohn Royce, but nothing came of it as the betrothal was never finalized.

Robert's Rebellion

He was at Harrenhal for the tourney arranged by Lord Walter Whent. Alaric won the archery contest. When hearing of Lyanna's vanishing and the accusations against Rhaegar, Alaric expressed his doubts to it since the whole affair made little sense to him.

Alaric was in the North, when his father left for King's Landing to answer for Brandon's demands for Rhaegar Targaryen's head in the aftermath of Lyanna's disappearance. Upon hearing of his father's death and Aerys' call for his own head, Alaric raised his banners and declared open revolt. To gain the aid of Lord Hoster Tully, he agreed to honor his brother's betrothal and married Catelyn Tully.

During Robert's Rebellion, Alaric distinguished himself as a capable battle commander. Upon the war's conclusion, his brother Ned had found Lyanna to be dead and had brought North her and Rhaegar's child. Upon hearing the whole story, he had a fierce argument with his brother. Alaric wanted to announce the truth and place the boy on the throne, but eventually was persuaded against it by Ned. The child was named Jon Snow and declared Ned Stark's bastard. Alaric took a lot of gold from the Royal treasury as blood money and used it to rebuild Moat Cailin. He named his brother Ned Stark as the new Lord of Moat Cailin.