House Bedford sigil
House Bedford sigil
"Without scars, we keep making the same mistakes. And everything we do gives us scars in one way or another, because it is a mark for us or against us. Every time I make you smile, I feel a scar. A mark for us, Sansa. You know who I am and you know who I used to be. You know that I used to cut the heads off of men who disobeyed the king. You know that I am not the type to smile and yet I do. Thanks to you."
―Aerona to Sansa Stark
Dame Aerona Bedford is a recurring character in the first, second, and third seasons. She debuts in "The Wolf and the Lion". She is one of the first female knights in history as well as the only female knight of House Bedford, having been knighted by the Mad King and served as executioner during his reign. Her title has yet to be revoked, since she claimed fealty to King Robert Baratheon. However, since his death and Joffrey Baratheon's false claim to the throne, she has yet to pledge fealty to him.

Her titles include Dame Aerona Bedford, Lady Aerona, Lady Bedford, The First Dame of her House, The Mad King's Mad Queen, Mad Aerona Bedford.



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