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Aegon VI Targaryen (The Royalist Saga)
Biographical information
Status Deceased
Born 281 AC
Died 368 AC
Political information
Allegiance House Targaryen (By Birth)

House Martell (By Birth and Marriage)

House Tyrell (By Marriage)

House Blackfyre (Formerly/By Marriage)

House Lannister (By Marriage)

House Baratheon (By Marriage)
Personal information
Also known as Aegon Targaryen Aegon The Sixth
Culture Valyrian/Rhoynar/Andal
Religion Faith Of The Seven (Formerly/By Birth) Lord Of Light (Converted)
Father Rhaegar I Targaryen
Mother Elia Martell (Birth Mother, Alive) Lyanna Stark (Stepmother/Former Lover, Alive)
Spouse(s) Visenya Blackfyre (First Wife, Deceased)

Arianne Martell (Maternal First Cousin/Former Lover/ Second Wife, Deceased)

Margaery Tyrell (Third, Wife, Alive)

Myrcella Baratheon (Fourth Wife, Alive)
Children By Visenya:

Daenera Targaryen (First Child)

Rhaenyra Targaryen (Second Child)

By Arianne;

Baelor II Targaryen (Third Child)

Baelon I Targaryen (Fourth Child)

Aerea Targaryen (Fifth Child)

Eliana Targaryen (Sixth Child)

Aenara Targaryen (Seventh Child)

By Margaery:

Aemon I Targaryen (Eight Child)

Aegor Targaryen (Ninth Child, Died In Infancy)

By Myrcella Baratheon:

Jaehaera Targaryen (Tenth Child)

Valearea Targaryen (Eleventh Child)

Rhaena Targaryen (Twelfth Child)

Baela Targaryen (Thirteenth Child)

Gael Targaryen (Fourteenth Child)

Joanna Targaryen (Fifteenth Child)


Aerion Sand (First Bastard)

Aegon Sand (Second Bastard)

Rhaegon Sand (Third Bastard)

Saera Sand (Fourth Bastard)

Alyssane Flowers (Fifth Bastard)

Elaena Flowers (Sixth Bastard)

Daena Stone (Seventh Bastard)

Elaena Rivers (Ninth Bastard)

Elyriana Snow (Tenth Bastard)

Alyssa Snow (Eleventh Bastard)

Aenor Snow (Twelfth Bastard)
Siblings Rhaenys Targaryen (Elder Sister/Former Lover, Alive)

Robin Arryn (Brother-In-Law, Alive)

Jaehaerys "Jon" Targaryen (Younger Half-Brother, Alive)

Val Targaryen (Sister-In-Law, Alive)
Behind the scenes information
First seen Blood Of The Dragon Kings
Last seen The Dragon's Head

King Aegon VI Targaryen Is The Son and Successor Of King Rhaegar I Targaryen, Having Ascended Eighteen Years After His Father Had Defeated Robert Baratheon At The Trident and Dethroned The Mad King, King Aegon Is One Of The Oldest Reigning Targaryen Kings. King Aegon's Rule Was Prosperous If A Little Chaotic, Suffering From Various Mental Ailments, The King Was In A Constant Battle To Maintain His Sanity, and Through His Many Children and The Love Of His Family, Was Able To Die Peacefully At Age Eighty Seven. He Would Be Succeeded By His Son's Baelor II, Baelon I, and Finally Aemon I. His Reign Is Remembered For It's Length Prosperity. He Was Outlived By Queen's Arianne and Margaery, With Queen Visenya Having Died Giving Birth To Queen Rhaenyra.

Appearance and General Character

A Man With A Strong Valyrian Appearance, Aegon Targaryen, Sixth Of His Name Was Noted To Lack Any Physical Dornish Traits That His Sister Had Inherited From Their Martell Mother, However It Was No Secret That His Personality Was Most Dornish. For Most Of His Life, Aegon Remained Clean Shaven and Kept His Hair Short, But As His Lifetime Went On, Began To Let Both His Facial Hair and His Head Of Hair Grow.

While Not A Predator, He Was Nearly Insatiable In His Sexual Apetite, Only Ever Restraining It Upon His Ascension, It Would Be His Ability To Restrain His Lust That Would Separate Him From His Ancestor, Aegon IV Targaryen, Also Called The Unworthy. Despite This, He Was Often Left At The Mercy Of Tyene and Nymeria Sand, Who Would Sneak Up Whenever He and Rhaenys Or Arianne Were Allegedly Alone and Quickly Bind Him To The Bed Posts, Prolonging His Frustration and Lust Until It Was All He Craved, That Being Said If Some Unforeseen Event Such As An Attack Were To Occur Aegon Was Quick To Evaporate His Urges and Go Into Battle.

As A King, He Was Known To Consult With All His Councilors, and Each Of His Queens, and Tried To Rule Justly and Fairly. He Was Also A Pragmatist and A Realist, Doing His Best To Retie The Realm To House Targaryen Following Robert's Rebellion, An Event Which Shattered Many Bonds.

Throughout His Lifetime, He Maintained A Crippling Fear Of Angering His Mother, A Well-Founded One After She'd Caught Aegon and Rhaenys Abed Together. A Fear Shared By Nearly Every Member Of The Royal Court and Houses Martell, Tyrell, and Stark.


Surviving The Rebellion

Following His Father's Victory At The Trident and Ascension To The Iron Throne, The Then Prince Aegon Was Heir Apparent To The Iron Throne and Thus The Crown Prince Of Dragonstone. Possessed Of His Father's Looks and His Mothers Sexual Apetite, The Young Prince Indulged In Hedonism From The Moment His Elder Sister, The Princess Rhaenys, Made Him A Man. Often Sharing His Bed With The Second and Third Eldest Sand Snakes, The Princess Of Dorne and His Sister, Prince Aegon Would Openly Embrace Tyene and Nymeria As His Paramours.

Early Childhood

As A Child Aegon Was Raised In The Light Of The Seven and Raised To Become An Accomplished Swordsman and Horseman, His Childhood Was Often Spent Training In The Day, and Bedding His Sister and Cousins In The Night. When His Brother Jaehaerys Was Of Age, The Two Became Training Partners.

Greyjoy Rebellion

When Balon Greyjoy and His Brothers Rebelled Against The Iron Throne, Prince Aegon Was His Father's Squire, and As Such Joined Him In The Rebellion. Despite Being His Father's Squire, King Rhaegar Kept Aegon Out Of The War As Much As Possible, He Did However Take Him To Pyke, Where Aegon Helped To Accidentally Kill Marron Greyjoy, An Act Which Would Scar Him For Life, and Give Him An Aversion To Messy Killing and General Incompetence. He Did However Manage To Slay A Greyjoy Bannerman Who Tried To Kill King Rhaegar As The False King Balon Renounced His Crown and Kingship.

It Was During The Rebellion That Prince Aegon Caught The Eye Of A Yara Greyjoy, Who Immediately Desired The Young Prince For Herself.

The Crown Passes and The Black Dragon Arises Together With The Red Dragon

On The Day Of Aegon's Eighteenth Nameday, His Father Passed Away, But Not Before Arranging A Betrothal With The Last Daughter Of House Blackfyre and Prince Aegon Or Prince Jaehaerys. This Fact Would Later Become Known When Visenya, Her Twin Brother Aegor, and Their Father Magister Illyrio Of Pentos Arrived At Court Bearing A Letter Written In The Late King Rhaegar's Hand. Despite His Reservations At Marrying A Blackfyre, Aegon Knew It Would Mean The Potential End To Future Blackfyre Rebellions, and He Took Illyrio's Suggestion To Heart, When The Magister Promised To Have Aegor Either Swear The Vows Of The Night's Watch Or The Kingsguard, Aegon Chose To Send Him To The Wall.

Much As His Father Had Done, Aegon Was Intent On Embracing The Polygamy Of Aegon The Conqueror, Maegor The Cruel, and Rhaegar The Victorious. He Immediately Called For A Grand Ball To Choose His Second Queen.

The Black Dragon Rides The Red

Perhaps A Signal Of Things To Come, The Blackfyre Bride Wasted Little Time In Taking Aegon Into Her Bed, and To Her Surprise Found Him A Much Better Lover Than Her Own Brother. The King's Consort Quickly Became A Fixture At Court, and Made It Her Mission To Ingratiate Herself To Her New Husband and His Court. However The New Queen-To-Be's Presence Unleashed A Cold Fury From Princess Rhaenys Who Had Spent A Long Time Trying To Seduce Her Younger Brother Into Marrying Her Instead, Only To Be Displaced By A Foreigner. At The Council's Suggestion, Aegon Quickly Arranged A Betrothal To Lord Eddard Stark's Eldest Son, Lord Robb Stark.

The Ball Of Maidens

Aegon's Declaration Of A Grand Ball Induced A Level Of Interest Not Seen Since The Infamous Maiden's Day Cattle Show, and Just Like That Particularly Horrid Event and Time, Many Maidens Or Widows Offered Themselves, Their Daughters, and So Forth, and Even Essosi Offered The Same. What Many Did Not Know Was That The King Had Already Made Up His Mind On Whom Was To Receive The Second Crown.

Dornish Through and Through

Aegon Had Long Been Of The Mind To Wed His Cousin, Arianne Martell, and He Chose To Do Just That, Making Arianne His Second Queen.

Playing The Peacemaker

Almost Immediately, Aegon Was Forced To Play The Peacemaker Due To The Instant Conflict Between Arianne and Visenya. Both Was A Lustful Beauty Unafraid To Use Their Sexuality As A Weapon To Get What They Wanted, and Both Were More Than Willing To Do So On Aegon. Aegon Knew The Conflict Would Only Escalate If Visenya Gave Him Girls Before Arianne Gave Him Boys. As If Arianne and Visenya Were Not Enough, Euron Greyjoy Turned Pirate, Took The Stepstones As His Kingdom and Began Attacking The Rest Of Westeros. Aegon's Attempt At Peace Were Either Thwarted Or Destroyed, and He Was Forced To Go To War.

War Of The Krakens

Aegon's Marriage Though Consummated To Both Women, Was Left on Hold When He Had To Intercede In The War Of The Krakens, A Civil War Between Euron Greyjoy and Victarian Greyjoy, The Former Having Usurped The Salt Throne and Seastone Chair and Killed His Eldest Brother, The Other Having Rebelled When He Learned That Information. Euron Had Attempted To Lay Claim To Princesses Rhaenys Or Daenerys, But Aegon Chose To Side With Victarian, Who made no such demand, and Aegon Arranged A Match Between Victarian and Ashara Dayne In Order To More Openly Support The Rebellion.