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"Enough of your petty accusations. I am sorry for what happened to the Starks, but I am getting tired of these games. It is time we ended this farce of a treason. RIGHT HERE AND NOW!"
―Aegon to Robert Baratheon right before the Battle of the Trident

Prince Aegon Targaryen was born in 253 AC to King Aegon V Targaryen and Queen Betha Blackwood. As the thirdborn son, not much was expected of him at the beginning and thus he led a quiet life. During his brother's reign, in a bit to remove him as a potential threat (and protect him from his Aerys's madness), he was made a knight of the Kingsguard and later on rose to the position of Lord Commander. He fought in Robert's Rebellion and is hailed by the loyalists as the man, who single-handedly won it, after he slew Robert Baratheon at the Battle of the Trident and captured all the rebel leaders, but Eddard Stark.

After Aerys murdered his son's wife and children in a fit of madness, many began calling on Aegon to remove his brother and crown himself king. En route to King's Landing, he encountered the Lannister armies, with Tywin Lannister professing his loyalty to him personally, much to Aegon's distrust and anger, who suspected the man would have sacked the city for the rebels, instead of defending it, were they victorious. Upon entering the city, he learns of Aerys's death at Ser Jaime Lannister's hands, but pardons him after learning of the Wildfire plot and his brother ordering the deaths of Rhaegar's family.

After subjugating the city, Aegon sets sail for Dragonstone to retrieve his sister and her son and newborn daughter. Much to his rage, he learns of the death of his nephew Viserys at the hands of Baratheon assassins, though finds his sister and niece to be in perfect health.

After returning to King's Landing with them, much to the dismay of all the lords gathered, he declares his newborn niece, Daenerys Targaryen, as Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men and Lady Regnant of the Seven Kingdoms with himself as Protector of the Realm. He announced that his sister, the Queen Mother, and himself will serve as joint regents and swore to destroy all those who would ever oppose her.

After the hatching of the dragon eggs, he becomes the rider of the white dragon Arrax, dubbed the "White Death".

Long after his time, the Maesters would conclude that his de facto reign as Prince Regent and his continued service as Hand of the Queen and later on as Master of War, which would last for forty-seven years (until his death at age 78), would be extremely important. During it, he revises the Laws of succession to the Iron throne and legally reestablishes the role of the monarchy - from king and queen to monarch and consort. He will also be credited with the establishment of a Royal Army, which at his death included 10,000 well trained men, and the beginning of the process of centralization of the power of the monarchy by beginning the slow process of eroding the authority of the lords of Westeros in favor of the government, presided over by the kings and queens of House Targaryen.


Aegon Targaryen was born in 253 AC as the third son fourth child of King Aegon V Targaryen and Queen Betha Blackwood.

In 259 AC, when he was just 6 years old, the Tragedy of Summerhall occurred and his brother Aerys was crowned King Aerys II Targaryen.

Initially, he received much love and attention from his elder siblings and the courtiers, as he was second in line to the throne, after the newly born Prince Rhaegar. He even squired for his brother's best friend, Lord Tywin Lannister, and was knighted in 271 AC.

However, as time passed and his brother began his slow descent into paranoia and insanity, Aerys began to suspect his own brother of treason. In order to prevent him from becoming a threat, possibly under the suggestions of others who did not want to see the prince hurt, Aegon was forcibly inducted into the Kingsguard as soon as an opening was made, which happened in 271 AC.

In time, Aerys's mood swings made him more trusting of his brother and made him Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, forcing him to stand by the king's side while he committed various atrocities throughout his reign.

Robert's Rebellion

281 AC saw the Tourney at Harrenhal, where Rhaegar shockingly crowned Lyanna Stark, queen of love and beauty, which eventually led to the two of them eloping together and setting the stage for war. There, at the command of the king, he swore in Jaime Lannister as the newest member of the Kingsguard, despite his reservations for the boy's youth and position as Lord Tywin's heir.

In 283 AC, Aerys murdered Rickard and Brandon Stark and commanded Jon Arryn to bring him Robert Baratheon and Eddard Stark. With Jon Arryn's refusal, Robert's Rebellion began in full swing.

Aegon led his brother's armies, chasing the rebels from one battlefield to the next and winning several victories. When the Rebellion gathered all its men for one final push through the River Trident, Aegon found his forces depleted. Fortunately for him, Prince Rhaegar emerged from his disappearance and swiftly gathered an army of 45,000 men. Adding to Aegon's remaining 10,000, they were successful in winning the battle.

The battle was not without cost, as Prince Rhaegar had died at the hands of Robert Baratheon, before the rebel lord was slain by Aegon. Ned Stark disappeared during the fighting, fleeing with several companions to parts unknown. Prince Lewyn Martell of the Kingsguard also dies.

Lord Walder Frey, betting on Aegon to once again defeat the rebels, felt emboldened enough to attack the lightly defended castle of Riverrun, where he captures Hoster Tully's heir - Edmure Tully, in the name of House Targaryen.

As soon as he heard of Lord Tywin's army being at the gates of the capital, he rushed with his troops to meet them. Tywin Lannister made a show of pledging his allegiance to him, though Aegon was doubtful of him, given the Lannisters' late inclusion in the war.

When the gates opened, he marched into the city with his troops and Lord Tywin by his side, while most of the Lannister men were sent to enforce the siege of Storm's End and bring the last of the Baratheons. The smallfolk cheered him on as their savior. When he entered the Red Keep, his victory turned out hollow as he saw his brother's corpse and his nephew's family dead.

Aftermath of the War of the Usurper

Aegon declared himself Prince Regent and reestablished order within the city. Tywin Lannister was commanded to remain within, under guard from men Aegon trusted. He sent the remains of Lewyn Martell, Elia and her children back to Dorne, where, in a rare moment, he apologizes to her brothers for not being there to protect her and for Rhaegar's humiliating her by eloping with Lyanna Stark. Despite their anger, both of them admit that Aegon did his best and accepted his apology and swore to keep the peace.

After receiving a letter from Rhaella and finishing subjugating the city, Aegon sets sail for Dragonstone to retrieve his sister and her son and newborn daughter. There he learns of another death in the family - young Prince Viserys fell victim to Baratheon assassins. Much to his joy, his sister and niece were alive and well, both heavily protected by Ser Bonifer Hasty and his Holy Hundred.

As soon as they are fit to travel, Aegon takes them to King's Landing. There he places Daenerys under strict guard and sets about rooting out dissidents and handing out rewards and punishments.

Soon enough, Lords Tyrell and Tarly come to the capital, bringing with them Stannis and Renly Baratheon and their oaths of fealty. Aegon gathers all the lords in the capital and the imprisoned rebels in front of the Iron throne. Upon the seat of power, the lords are surprised to find not Aegon, but Queen Rhaella, in whose hands she holds the new monarch. Beside them, it is Aegon who makes the following proclamation:

  • In Rhaella's hands is Daenerys Targaryen, who is to be the first ruling queen of Westeros, when she turns 19. Until then, Aegon and Rhaella would serve as co-regents. They are all to swear their oaths of fealty.;
  • House Baratheon would be attainted. Stannis Baratheon can choose between death and the Wall and so can his brother Renly, when he comes of age. (Stannis chooses the Wall) The Baratheons will be succeeded by House Selmy as Lords of Storm's End and Lords Paramount of the Stormlands, due to keeping faith with House Targaryen. This they justify by reminding everyone that House Baratheon was given those titles by Aegon the Conqueror.;
  • House Tully would also be attainted. Aegon accuses Lord Hoster of opportunism as he only agreed to follow the rebels if Jon Arryn and Ned Stark agreed to marry his daughters. Lord Tully is to be executed. The Tullys are supplanted by House Darry and Lord Raymun Darry is to be the new Lord Paramount of the Trident. Riverrun itself would be given to Emmon Frey - second son of Lord Walder Frey, whose wife is Genna Lannister, Lord Tywin's sister, and they are to establish House Frey of Riverrun. Catelyn Tully's marriage still stands, while her sister would be married to someone else. Edmure Tully would be hostage to the Darrys. The justification is the same as with the Baratheons,;
  • In a surprising move, Aegon and Rhaella apologize for their brother and king's crimes against House Stark (thought they deny Rhaegar to have kidnapped Lyanna Stark) and swear that their house will not suffer repercussions, but Lord Stark must come and pledge his fealty to Daenerys and House Targaryen.;
  • House Arryn will not be attainted. Jon Arryn will be executed for treason and his titles and lands would be given to his distant cousin Ser Artys Arryn of Gulltown, who fought on the side of the Loyalists in the Rebellion.;
  • Ser Jaime Lannister, now forever known as the Kingslayer, would be relieved of his vows to the Kingsguard and will take his role as his father's heir. This is not explained publicly, but privately Aegon, Rhaella and Tywin had agreed that Ser Jaime, while being guilty of regicide, also prevented the city from being destroyed and avenged the deaths of Elia and her children.

After dealing with the traitors, he hurried to establish a small council. He purged much of his brother's cronies, though he left Varys alive as his vast spy network was useful and the man had just been following his brother's wretched orders. Lord Velaryon was replaced by Lord Paxter Redwyne as Master of Ships. To keep Tywin Lannister close, Aegon named him Master of Coin. Randyll Tarly was appointed as Master of Laws. Grand Maester Pycelle had been executed by Aerys for advising him to open the gates for Tywin's army, something which Aegon would determine was one of his brother's few sensible decisions. He was replaced by Archmaester Marwyn, whose constant clashes with the Conclave made him ideal in Aegon's view. With Rhaella and Aegon having joint authority as regents and the latter heading the council, the government of the Iron throne was reformed.

Dealing with Ned Stark

Despite his victory, Lord Eddard Stark was still missing. Aegon knew that if the lord were to sneak past the naval blockade by the Royal fleet or the troops, stationed at the Neck, and get back to Winterfell, then the war could drag on for years. Aegon knew that no southern army has ever conquered the North. He commanded Varys to find the missing northerner.

Two moons later, Varys receives report that Ned Stark is in the Riverlands and Aegon marches with two dozen men to locate him. He finds him at the Crossroads Inn, along with Ser Brynden Tully and Lord Howland Reed.

After questioning him, Eddard told him how he found Lyanna, bleeding to death in a tower in the Red Mountains, having killed two kingsguards Arthur Dayne and Oswell Whent, to get to her. He claims that he is bringing her body to Winterfell and says that the baby, he is carrying, is his bastard son. Suspicious of the child's nature, Aegon takes a look at the child, but all he sees is a black haired baby boy and thus its true identity is left concealed. Aegon asks after the boy's mother, but Ned claims that "[he] wouldn't have known her". After extracting an oath of fealty from Lord Stark, Aegon allows the Stark party to return North in peace.

Greyjoy's Rebellion

In the following years, a red priestess by the name of Melisandre of Asshai arrives at court. She preaches that Daenerys is Azor Ahai come again and the Prince that was Promised. While neither Aegon or Rhaella trust prophesies, they allow her to stay at court. After using her visions and helping prevent a conspiracy to murder the infant queen, led by Baratheon sympathizers, Aegon and Melisandre start to bond and soon enough begin a relationship, which quickly turns sexual. Within two years of his regency, Melisandre gives birth to a daughter, they name Rhaenyra Waters, and declares it a boon from the Lord of Light, since she should not be able to have children. Initially caught off-guard at the prospect of becoming a father, he comes to accept that his life has completely changed. After discussing it with Rhaella, who is delighted at the prospect of having a niece, they legitimize the girl as Rhaenyra Targaryen and name her Princess of Dragonstone, until Daenerys has children of her own.

In the five years following the Rebellion, the Seven Kingdoms found themselves in peace. Despite some local resistance, all the newly appointed rulers had little problem in cementing their authority. To strengthen the necessary friendship with House Lannister, Aegon had arranged Lady Cersei Lannister's marriage to the new lord of the Vale. While Ser Artys was delighted with this, Lady Cersei was opposed, due to her desire for queenship and even tried seducing Aegon. After being rebuffed, Lord Tywin hastened the marriage ceremony and the new couple were swiftly sent to the Eyrie. The Stormlands fared even better, surprisingly enough, given the high respectability of the old Lord Durran Selmy, who being married to a daughter of the powerful Lord Swann, made his hold on the region secure. The Valemen, while disliking House Targaryen, were loyal to House Arryn and thus posed no resistance to Lord Artys, even with the arguments of some family members, who claimed closer connection to the late Jon Arryn. Aegon attributed all this to the people being tired of war and the little reparations demanded from the defeated, however the lack of response to the summons sent to Lord Greyjoy was concerning. This was reinforced by Melisandre's visions, when she sees in the flames a crowned kraken grasping at the sky with his tentacles.

That concern proved valid, when in 289 AC, Balon Greyjoy declared himself King of the Iron Islands began pillaging the western coastline, beginning with a sacking of Lannisport and burning of the Lannister fleet. The reason for this was allegedly his belief that with the war so recently over, the Targaryens had a too weak hold over the realm and thus could not resist him. He was proven wrong, when Aegon organized a fierce assault on the Ironborn.

He summoned both the Royal and Redwyne fleets to attack the famed Iron fleet, led by Victarion and Euron Greyjoy, the men behind the Sack of Lannisport. Randyll Tarly lead an assault on the captured Seagard, freeing the castle from its Ironborn occupants and slaying Rodrick Greyjoy, a son of Balon's. At the sea battle off Fair isle, Paxter Redwyne and Lord Monford Velaryon soundly defeat Victarion's Iron fleet and thus offer the opportunity to invade the Iron Islands themselves. Aegon leads the charge, personally slaying Euron Greyjoy in the Siege of Pyke. Jorah Mormont, a northerner who had volunteered to fight for the glory of it, kills Maron Greyjoy, Balon's eldest son, for which Aegon personally knights him. He even offers him to join the Queensguard, but the lord refuses.

Balon, despite being defeated, refuses to kneel for "a little girl and her nursemaids" and is promptly executed by Aegon in front of his children's eyes. Victarion, on the other hand, having gained a measure of respect, and mostly fear, of Aegon, bends the knee. For this, Aegon appoints him regent for the young Lord Theon Greyjoy. Aegon realizes that taking the boy hostage would make him unfitting for lordship in the eyes of the Ironborn. With the Iron Fleet sunk and the Greyjoys having bent the knee, the Targaryens have reclaimed all of Westeros.

Raising Daenerys and Rhaenyra

Even without warfare, Aegon, Melisandre and Rhaella have their hands full raising their children - the future of House Targaryen. After the Greyjoy War, Aegon decides to have the future queen attend the small council meetings as part of her schooling and sometimes brings Rhaenyra as well. While Rhaella is still co-regent, they decide that she should be personally raising both of them together, not only because it is what Rhaella wants, but also because they do not trust septas to teach Daenerys and Rhaenyra how to be strong women. Melisandre is also there, which eases the burdens of Rhaella, and teaches the young girls about the mysteries of the east. Aegon is planning on having his daughter eventually succeed him to the post of Hand of the Queen. What all of them would eventually discover is that raising them together would help forge a special kind of relationship between the two young women, beyond simple friendship and sisterhood. The two girls become inseparable and one is rarely seen without the other. The servants at the castle dub them the "silver queens". To scout out potential husbands for either of them, Aegon fostered sons from many great houses, such as Willas and Loras Tyrell, Jon Darry, Tyrion Lannister, Arianne Martell and others.

For Queen Daenerys' 14th nameday, Aegon organized a great tourney, which attracted people from all over Westeros, seeking to show of their skills in combat and potentially attract the attention of the queen. Aegon had denied any discussions of betrothals for either her or his daughter until they came of age, but that did not prevent nobles from pining to get themselves in consideration from Daenerys, whom many believed Aegon would not deny, if she fell for one of their sons. The nobles themselves rarely participated, but sent their younger and more handsome sons. Among the participants were even members of House Stark, who surprised everyone for coming to the Targaryen tourney.

Apart from the high competitiveness of the participants, the tourney was notable for a clash between Aegon and Ser Gregor Clegane, who refused to admit defeat in the jousting to the young Loras Tyrell and tried to kill the boy. He was prevented from doing so by Aegon, who defended the boy and brutally killed the dishonorable knight. This showed that even at the age of 45, Aegon was still the great warrior he had always been, putting to rest the rumors of him weakening. Rumors, which unknown to anyone, were being spread by Varys, the master of whispers.

A year later, one evening while searching for his daughter he finds her in Daenerys's chambers, passionately making out with the queen. When they explain their relationship to him, which their mothers apparently knew about, he gave his blessing, since all he wanted for them was to be happy. However, he warned Daenerys that she at least would have to marry a man to have heirs with, but promised to help her find one that "knew his place".

That eventually happened, when Daenerys was betrothed to Loras Tyrell, the son of the Lord of Highgarden. Loras was the perfect match, because he was respectful, kind, member of a great house, friend to both the princess and the queen and most importantly did not mind Daenerys' romance with Rhaenyra, because he was homosexual himself. Rhaenyra was betrothed to Monterys Velaryon, who was another friend of theirs, who had feelings for Loras, but needed to have a wife and an heir. Because of their mutual friendship and needs, regarding their social status, the four of them decided that this was for the best. All of them would be able to live in the Red Keep and attend to both their duties and romances in peace.

The Last Blackfyre Rebellion

In 299 AC, rumors spread of an army amassing in Pentos, bound west. Most ignored it, yet Aegon did not. One evening, at a feast, just as he was about to make a toast, Melisandre stayed his hand, much to the confusion of everyone present. She took the cup and offered it to Varys. Confusion turned to outrage, when the Spider began trying to weasel his way out of it. Aegon commanded him to drink the whole cup. Varys took it, his hands shaking, and pretended to drop it by accident. Aegon didn't buy it and angrily got from his chair and went to the Spider and grabbed his throat, demanding to know who he was working for. After the Spider was interrogated, it was learned that the Blackfyres lived in Pentos. Maelys the Monstrous was not the last of his line, since he had a daughter called Serra, who was married to Illirio Mopatis, a rich Pentoshi magister, who had a son by her, called Aegon Blackfyre. Varys's plan was to kill Aegon off, believing that this would destabilize Targaryen power and help convince the lords to turn on Daenerys, who as a woman would be seen as the inferior candidate.

When dragged in front of the Iron throne, and the outraged Daenerys, to confess all this, the young queen, in her first ever speech, announces that she is the one true and ruling queen of all Westeros and she would not be ousted by "the weak argument of the cock". The Queen argues that her enemies, who would choose to poison her and her supporters are not men themselves, but mere cravens and declares that "many of my predecessors fought the Blackfyres. I will destroy the Blackfyres.".

At the next small council meeting, Daenerys commands her uncle to set sail for Pentos with the royal fleet and however many men he requires and root out the Blackfyres. When Tywin Lannister notes that this would be an act of war, she tells him that if Pentos gives shelter to her enemies, then Pentos itself is her enemy. Despite Daenerys' official coronation not being until her 17th nameday, historians note that this is when her reign truly began.

Aegon gathers an army of more than 30,000 men and sets sail for Pentos with the Royal Fleet. He finds that the city is guarded by the Golden Company, but manages to take it by surprise, when he decides to attack in the dead of a moonless night. He also receives help from the Windblown company, whose captain wants the city for himself. Half the army lands a few miles off the city coastline and attacks the encamped Golden Company, killing most of the men there before they can even form a coherent response. Eye witnesses claim that the mercenaries were drunk, possibly from a feast held the same night. Aegon's lover Melisandre claims her God's assistance helped it be so. Most however agree that the swift victory was due to the enemy not anticipating that Varys would get caught or did not know when he would act, thus catching them unaware. The city itself tried to hold a siege, but Aegon's army attacked both from the coast and the mainland and entered the city in short order. What proceeded was called the Sacking of Pentos. Many criticized the Targaryens for attacking the city without warning, but swift diplomacy and assurances by the Queen Mother that Pentos is their only foe, convinced the nearby Free cities that the dragons were not planning any expansions in Essos. Furthermore, the attackers did not steal all the treasures of the city and the killing was surprisingly kept to a minimum. Illyrio Mopatis and Aegon Blackfyre were captured, trying to flee. The former was executed and all his wealth taken for House Targaryen, while the pretender was brought to King's Landing and publicly executed, thus ending the threat of House Blackfyre once and for all. The whole affair, despite not being much of a war, was branded the Final Blackfyre Rebellion. The Tattered Prince is made Governor General of the city as a reward, while Daenerys claims the title of Queen of Pentos and adds it to her territory. This cemented Daenerys' reign and proved to the lords that she could be strong and decisive monarch.

The Rebirth of the Dragon Race

Along with various treasures, Aegon brought a chest with three dragon eggs. As soon as Daenerys saw them, she insisted they remain close to her and kept them inside her bedchambers. One day, Melisandre sees in the flames a vision of three dragons bleeding on rocks, which turn into dragons and shares this with Aegon. While skeptical, he decides to give it a shot, since they only have a lot to gain from it. However, due to his memories of the Tragedy of Summerhall, he insists they do it out into the open. The ruined, roofless dragon pit is chosen for the purpose.

Melisandre lights a small pyres, one for each of the eggs, and tells Aegon, Daenerys and Rhaenyra to cut their palms over an egg, while she begins to chant in Valyrian to the Lord of Light, begging for his favor. The pyres turn into spirals of flame and Aegon tells the women to run for the exit, but the flames die down as quickly as they rose up into the sky. That is when they hear a shriek, unheard for a hundred years. When they get back to the pyres, instead of stone eggs, they discover three baby dragons - one black, one red, one white. Each of the dragons goes for one of the Targaryens - the black one goes to Daenerys, the white - Aegon and the red - Rheanyra. The Queen names her Balerion, after the dragon of the Conqueror. Rhaenyra names hers Aegonax, in honor of her father. Aegon names his Arrax, after the Valyrian god of law.

Thus, the dragon race is reborn and Westeros once again is reminded of the reason why House Targaryen stands above all the other houses.

Master of War

After the birth of the dragons, Daenerys is officially crowned queen and Aegon and Rhaella's regency comes at an end. Feeling that it is time to give way to the younger generation, Aegon passes on the title of Hand to his daughter and designated successor - Rhaenyra. Unwilling to lose either of her mentors, Daenerys appoints her mother to the small council in an unofficial capacity and for her uncle, she creates the post of Master of War. This way she gives Aegon the opportunity to achieve an old dream of his - the creation of a royal army.


With the exception of his brother, Aegon loved his family. He was fiercely protective of not only his kin, but also their reputation. Aegon was fiercely protective of his sister and many believe that the reason, Aerys stayed his hand from his wife most of the time, was precisely because he feared that if hurt, nothing would stop Aegon from exacting retribution. He also adamantly refused to believe the rebels' claims about Rhaegar kidnapping and raping Lyanna Stark. It should be noted though, that while he offered to execute Brandon Stark, after the lord burst in the Red Keep and demanded Rhaegar's head, he was still appalled by what Aerys did to the man and his father. After losing so many family members during the Rebellion, he became fiercely protective of the rest of them. He publicly threatened all the lords in the capital to bend the knee and declare their allegiance to Daenerys as queen or they would not be allowed to leave - alive. He also made his sister co-regent and refused the throne, when offered, despite it being easy for him to usurp his baby niece.

It should be noted however that this was at least partially done because of Aegon's belief that he was a far better warrior than a politician.

The only outside people to whom he feels such affections is his lover, Melisandre of Asshai, who first came to court, preaching that Daenerys is a prophesized hero. In time, he fell for her and learned that he could develop feelings of love for another person and likewise he taught Melisandre that there was more to life than religion. They even sired a daughter together - Rhaenyra. Despite having reservations as to his ability to be a father, Rhaella convinced him that he was already a great one, given his love for Daenerys, and he uses his authority as regent to legitimize her as a Targaryen. She is the person he loves the most in the world.

Aegon loves Daenerys as his own daughter and has been very supportive of her - teaching her how to rule and present herself as a woman of authority, who should be both loved and feared. He implemented and enforced laws which defined the role of a ruling queen as that of an equal to a king. Despite her belief to the contrary, when he found out that Daenerys was in love with Rhaenyra, he supported her and told her that all she had to do was not show it too much in public, thus showing his open-mindedness and support for the both of them. He also went to great length to determine potential consorts for her and let her have the final word on whom she would marry.

Apart from his love for his family, Aegon has no compunction about completely eliminating any threat to his family - current or potential - which was proven when at the end of the Rebellion, he removed or wiped out all the major rebel houses, thus earning himself the name of "The Destroyer". This was mostly shown with him making the young Edmure Tully and Renly Baratheon hostages, until they turned 16, the legal age of maturity, and then sending them to the Night's Watch. Everybody who has met him has noted that he is ruthless, merciless and intimidating, with Tyrion noting that Aegon is the first man to make his father scared.

As a warrior, he is immensely respected throughout all of Westeros, being widely considered the greatest swordsman in the Seven Kingdoms. He is ferocious in the battlefield, earning himself the moniker "The Bloody Dragon". Aegon is widely famous for fighting with two longswords in battle, one of them being Lady Forlorn, which he takes from the defeated Ser Lyn Corbray at the Battle of the Trident. He is the only man to have defeated (and subsequently killed) Ser Gregor Clegane, known as the Mountain that Rides, a feat many thought impossible. Ser Barristan has once compared his former squire to all the other knights of the Kingsguard and was certain that Aegon surpassed all in skill, including himself. He also noted that Ser Arthur Dayne was the only swordsman who could fight him evenly in a one on one fight, possibly due to their similar fighting style.

Surprising everybody, including himself, he proves to be a more than capable administrator, whose rule as regent and subsequent role as Hand of the Queen begin a long, but steady process of strengthening of royal authority and modernization of the royal government.


  • He is the second person to decline the Iron throne in favor of somebody else. The first being Maester Aemon.
  • He is the first person to serve as both Regent, Hand of the King (Queen) and Lord Commander of the Kingsguard simultaneously.
  • He is widely credited as the reason why House Targaryen won Robert's Rebellion.
  • Had he taken the throne, he would have been styled Aegon the Sixth.
  • He is credited with the destruction of two great houses (Tully and Baratheon) and the main branch of a third (Arryn). This makes Robert's Rebellion rival The Conquest in terms of great house extinctions.


Quotes by Aegon:

""I have a bad feeling about all this...""
―Aegon musing on the Tourney of Harrenhal's ending
"Where is he, Elia?"
"I don't know."
"Is he with her? Lyanna Stark?"
"Do not mention that name before me? I entered this marriage with open eyes, I knew it was not some love story, but at least I hoped that he would never humiliate me in public for the affections of some northern whore."
"When he returns, I am going to kick his ass for that, too."
"Get in line.
―Aegon and Elia after Rhaegar's kidnapping of Lyanna
"What the fuck have you been doing all this time, nephew?"
"I am sorry..."
"You will be sorry later. Now we have to stop this rebellion, that you and my madman of a brother have started. Then I am going to have words with both of you.
―Aegon and Rhaegar right before the Battle of the Trident
"What are you doing here, Lord Tywin?"
"I have been guarding the city for you, my prince."
"I will be busy beheading traitors soon enough, my lord. You better hope that this lie becomes easier to swallow by then, lest you find yourself relieved of the burden of a head.
―Aegon and Tywin in front of the city gates
"Why have you done this?"
"Lord Commander, he went too far. He murdered them. Elia and her children. And the city....he was going to burn it down with wildfire."
"....I understand why, I cannot hold it against you when I would have done the same."
"What is to become of my son, my prince. He is obviously a hero."
"He will see to it that my men find all the wildfire and have it removed. That will be his last duty as Knight of the Kingsguard. Afterwards, I will accept his resignation.
―Aegon, Jaime and Tywin on Aerys's murder and its aftermath.
"I now proclaim my niece Daenerys of House Targaryen, First of her name, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lady of the Seven Kingdoms. Long may she reign."
―Aegon declaring Daenerys the queen
"Come now, my prince. A hard working man like you deserves a reward. Why don't you claim me? I am yours."
(Cersei removes her dress and reveals her nakedness)
"Cover yourself, my lady. I have much work to do on the morrow and have no time to play Lannister games. You could go to your brother though. From what I hear, he may welcome you just so.
―Aegon rebuffing Cersei's attempt at seducing him and hints at knowledge of Cersei's affairs with Jaime.
"What is dead may never die."
"But of course, Lord Greyjoy. What is dead remains dead.
―Aegon and Balon Greyjoy, shortly before the latter is executed at the end of the Greyjoy Rebellion.
"We have located the last Blackfyre. He is the son of Illyrio Mopatis of Pentos and Serra Blackfyre, daughter of Maelys the Monstrous. We will not give them time to run. It is time to extinguish that wretched house from existence. Summon the Royal Fleet, Lord Paxter. We will attack Pentos and scourge it clean from the line of the Black Dragon and all their supporters."
―Aegon to the small council after interrogating Varys.
"It is amusing, truly.....that you believe that you stand a chance against me."
―Aegon taunting the Mountain before the man attacks him, during the Tourney for Daenerys's 14th nameday.
"WELL? Anyone else wanna have a go?""
―Aegon shouting after brutally killing Gregor Clegane
"Woman? Is that meant to insult me, Lord Varys. I cannot rule because I am a woman, you say. I would return the slap, if I took you for a man."
*the court laughs*
"These Blackfyres, you call them men? I am but a young girl, inexperienced in the ways of the world, but I thought it was common knowledge that women and cravens were the ones who killed with poison. So which of these is your Blackfyre?"
*the crowd laughs again*
"My predecessors fought the Blackfyres. I will destroy the Blackfyres."
"That's my girl.
"Don't take all the credit, brother. Her ferocity comes from two places.
―Aegon and Rhaella admire Daenerys' first speech.
"Dany....Rhae….look, I understand too little of love, but the way I see it, if two people love each other, that is enough...….Don't be mistaken though, you will still marry a man, Daenerys....leave it to me, I will find you someone who will know his place."
―Aegon expressing his support for the relationship between his daughter and niece, after finding them making out in the royal chambers
"Are you scared?"
"What if I am not ready?"
"You are. You've always been. Besides, I am not going anywhere. You will be a splendid queen Dany. Just you wait."
"You heard dad, my love. You will be amazing. I for one long to see you with a crown on your head."
"With only the crown, Rhae?"
"You two realize I am still here, right?
―Aegon, Daenerys and Rhaenyra just before Daenerys's official coronation.

Quotes about Aegon:

"The Prince Regent stared straight through his father. A cold look that made even Tywin Lannister shiver. No, Tyrion's eyes did not deceive him. His father feared that man."
―Tyrion realizing his father fears Aegon
"The petite little queen, who sat the Iron throne, did her best to look intimidating. However, it was the man who sat beside her that drew Robb's attention. Aegon the Destroyer was as fierce looking as his mother had said he was. The man, on whose mercy he still had a father and on whose ruthlessness, his mother's family no longer had their home. Every time his mother told him about him, Robb would dream of being a dragon slayer and vanquishing him with his father's sword. Now that he saw him in the flesh, Robb felt tiny, the dream distant and half-forgotten."
―Robb's thoughts when seeing Aegon for the first time.
"My condolences to you, sellsword, for you are now at my father's mercy and his love for Dany and I would prevent him from granting you the mercy of a quick death."
―Rhaenyra to Bronn, after the latter is captured, trying to kill Daenerys.
"The Red Dragon is the only defense of the child queen. Once you are removed, Prince Aegon, she will fall easily."
"Unfortunately for you, lord Varys, that is not how things will turn out.
―Varys revealing his treason
"Sansa couldn't help but stare at the man, sitting beside the queen. He was tall, a giant almost. His silver hair reached his shoulders, purple eyes glanced at any man in his vicinity. His clothes were not overtly fashionable, but comfortable, her father would say, comfortable for battle. Despite her mother's hatred of the man, Sansa couldn't help but wonder if perhaps the Hand of the Queen was the Warrior himself."
―Sansa observing Aegon at the Tourney for Queen Daenerys' 14th nameday